Monday, September 19, 2016

Are fit and healthy the same thing?

Health, fitness, wellness and getting them right. As a fitness professional, many people have "goals" they want to reach yet they don't have a clear cut path on how to get there. When working with clients, the first thing I want to know are the simple goals and challenges my client faces. I hear it all, I see it all, and sadly people think I can't tell when you aren't telling me the truth.
When discussing goals, the most common ones I have heard are as follows:
1-Performance goals or specific training goals.
2- Health goals, nutrition and lifestyle
3-Weight loss or muscle build
So looking at this list, you can see a trend of goals that all link together, however, if you come in to a session with me, talk about drinking/ smoking, that you ate bad foods and losing weight is hard, I have no sympathy.
Sadly, I take 100% pride in what I do and who I train. The lack of discipline is not from the trainer, you need to look at your life and your habits. The reality is people who are often overweight or in pain actually need to get healthy first. Somewhere in the fitness industry people have fitness and healthy mixed up.
Ruining your health to look good just doesn't make sense.Why not get a great body as the by-product of being healthy and training intelligently, and not the other way around? So many people are ready to compromise their health for looking good. Being "fit" doesn't always mean you are healthy.Think of the chemicals you are ingesting with all those supplements you are taking. Why not just eat real food ? Or look at women who are eating the same calories a child should eat and doing endless cardio. Is that all healthy behaviors? It’s clear many people value how they look more than whether they are healthy or not.
Body image is a big, big problem. This means there is a breakdown in how we are thinking and the quality of our thinking. For women, it creates a huge roadblock to getting healthy both mind and body which will in turn yield results. However, it is always the case of " I want to lose weight" regardless of the bad behavioral habits. The biggest issue is emotional eating.
Emotional eating has a cycle that is hard to break. It usually starts with a negative thought or emotion. To deal with this emotion you self-medicate with food, normally higher fat and carbs, then you will self-judge and criticize yourself for not sticking with the diet. What happens next is restriction or purge because of guilt. It is a real vicious cycle.
Healthy thinking = perfect body. When the quality of your thinking is better, then your experience of yourself and your body is more positive as well. When you stop trying to be a perfectionist, stop self-judging and being so self-critical about your body and start to accept and love yourself, your focus changes. You just can’t ever be happy in your own skin if you are constantly comparing and competing with others, judging yourself and others, or obsessing over every little region of your body or your training program.
My goal is always to change behaviors. I want to educate my clients about what the roadblocks are and how to fix them. When the motivation is out of being healthy and not losing weight, you are more likely to stick to the program because there is not a perfectionist mindset. The more I train people and help them adopt healthy behaviors, the more I realize we need to focus less on adding things to our lives. Learn the word NO and focus on the positive things in your life. What can you remove that doesn't give you joy? Say no to working longer hours. Say no to more alcohol and indulging. Say no to the TV, computer, tablets, phones, and staying up late. Say no to the self-judgment and that little voice inside your head that says you aren’t enough or are unlovable. Say no to punishing yourself in your workouts and guilt Mondays in the gym. Say no to the negative internal dialogue and self-talk.
Learn to love yourself FIRST and everything else will fall into place!

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