Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Your desk job is your limiting factor!

Are you one of the many people in America who have an office job requiring you to sit for multiple hours on end? You might want to take a second to read this and consider the risks that your job has on your health !
We as humans are not meant to grind through our work mentally for hours on end. Nor are we meant to be sprinting, lifting and working out all day either. We can create a healthy work-life balance not only outside of work, but also during work.Knowing what strategies to take to make your life better and long lasting can be the key to a healthier lifestyle.
First let'start with your desk. A standing desk is necessary if you’re going to have a long-term career in an office. WHY ? A standing desk will increase blood flow throughout the body, help you avoid joint pain, lengthen the tendons and ligaments that are constantly flexed while sitting, and will create a psychological sense of freedom.
However if standing is NOT an option, here are some better ways to decrease your risk when sitting.
-Sit with a nice, tall posture, with your shoulders rolled back and down. Your chest should be pushed slightly outward and your feet should be flat on the floor. Your neck will be in line with the rest of your spine, not leaned forward. Your feet, legs, knees, and hips should all form 90-degree angles.
-Engage your muscles when sitting.You can flex your core, do calf raises and even clench your butt muscles. Sure you might feel silly but you are protecting your body from the damages of sitting all day. No matter what you do, always strive for some minimal movement while sitting.
Go outside !! Yes take a quick walk around the office on your lunch break, Go in the sunshine ! Every hour or two, take a 5-minute break to go outside to breathe fresh air, see actual sunlight, and get out of the office atmosphere.If other employees can take smoke breaks, you should be able to take nature breaks too.
Maybe on your lunch break do some form of meditation. It doesn't matter where. Find a nice and quiet place to put your mind OFF and take 5 minutes to collect your thoughts. Your little getaway can be anywhere from a grassy median in the parking lot to an empty, unused conference room.
Get in some extra movement by taking the stairs. This is a small change that adds a lot of activity to your life over time. If you struggle at first, make it a challenge to see how far you can get without taking a break. Keep track each day and be proud of your improvements. Be a bathroom gypsy! Go to a different floor so you have to walk and get there !
It is more important than ever for companies to invest in their employees’ health by giving workers more freedom with small breaks intermittently throughout the day, and creating an environment that encourages personal well-being.
If you are more productive, more creative, constantly engaged while at work, and bringing in better results, there is really nothing your boss can complain about. Let your work speak for your actions. Hopefully your company will take notice and create an environment that invests in all of its employees.
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