Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Power of Community

Community is a powerful thing. It' in our nature to seek it out and it's critical for our success. There is a quote: "Surround yourself with like minded people". How true is this ? If you put yourself around those who have the same vision, a similar goal and want to help you accomplish it, you have a beautiful community of people all moving toward success.The opposite effect happens if you surround yourself with people who are not as motivated and won't make you strive towards more, you too then fall into that trap of letting yourself find an excuse.
Think of why having a good community of people is so important. First off if you are training for an event or competition, you now have people to feed off of for energy. Your community will support you and push you to get better.
You learn from those who are BETTER than you. If you are the smartest, fastest, most athletic or whatever the case may be, go to a different place where you can find people who are better than you. Training within a group of people who have more experience than you grants you a wealth of wisdom and new ideas that can absolutely help you perform. It’s part of the reason many athletes travel to train with elite athletes and coaches if given the chance.
Training WITH someone makes you accountable. Why do people need trainers or coaches ? Partly to make them better or learn from them but the other reason is to have accountability to make it to the gym. When you have to let someone down and suffer the consequences of not being there your increasing your likelihood of committing to training regardless of the circumstances.
Find a group of people who do what you do. If you CrossFit, powerlift,or bodybuild, make sure you find a place that you can work with other people who are seeking that common goal. Find a person or a group of people who will push you and get you out of your comfort zone.
The people you train with should build you up and be a positive impact on your life.Ask yourself- what is it that YOU need to bring to the table? If you are low energy, that is exactly what you will attract and who you will be compatible with. Always be the best you can be in any given moment in training.

Reference; Barbell Shrugged 

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