Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Microwave Society

We live in a society where we are handed everything. Many time we don't need to work very hard to get what we want and life is just at the click of a button. So many people ( me included) want it NOW and later is just too far away. What happened with patience and hard work to get there ??
Rome wasn't built in a day and neither are your gains ! SO many people I coach, give up before they see the changes they are about to make. You need to understand that life has ups, downs, and breaking points that need to be maneuvered around. This is so common in the "dieting" world. Why didn't your "diet" work? Well you probably didn't give it enough time. Did you gain weight overnight ? Chances are no, it was compiled over years of not eating correctly and NOW you deciding to take action.
If you are training for something, the same mentality needs to go into this. You didn't get stronger over night. You needed to train hard day in and day out to get the results you are looking for and even then you might fall short. What are you habits? Lifestyle ? Training atmosphere like?
When learning what you can do to better your health, fitness and life, you should put forth 100% effort to obtain those goals. I am also guilty of wanting it NOW vs. waiting for it to happen over time.
The same thing goes when you are choose your program. First question to ask: Can you follow it day in and day out ? Make sure you choose a diet and training program that you can execute on your schedule. No plan will work if you don't have the time to put into it. The best diet and training program is the one that works for you. Once you find that diet and training program, keep at it, nothing in life worth having comes easy!
If you want long lasting results, you need to be consistent over a measurable amount of time. Thinking that you can have a "quick" fix to anything health and fitness related is not going to end up well in the long run !

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