Monday, August 29, 2016


OMG it's so hot out to train! Is it still August?  What?!?! The end  of August?  When is it going to be just a little cooler out?

I have no science to back this up, but I feel like raining outside  is at least 50% harder in the summer months. Now I am talking about  running and especially CrossFit. Many boxes are "outside-ish" because they are in very open buildings. For many boxes, the summer is HOT and the winters are very COLD !!! But right now the summer is HOT and it feels like we are melting as soon as we get there during warm up.

Let's get the obvious out of the way.  It's Hot...Like..."face of the sun" hot. Bumper plates are melting to the floor and if you've missed the 5am class, you've missed your only possible chance at a reasonable workout temperature. You seem to sweat enough to fill a pool and lose so much water weight. The worst part is now you have to get into a HOT car after you just got done with a WOD,

Let's talk about your summer nutrition. Parties, bar-b-ques. possible drinking almost nightly because its "the summer" are in full swing. I mean who really wants to miss out on all that fun to get some "gains" in the gym ??? Well funny thing is that all of that food affects you in the gym. It can start a bad cycle because you feel like crap so you skip the gym and then feel like more crap. So now your routine is off and why start working out in the middle of the week?

Vacations, kids off school, family events, and friends tend to get in the way during the summer months. Just as you started to get your training situated with a schedule, now you have to rearrange it to fit your life back together. Does this sound familiar?..."I'm leaving town, but I'm going to be hitting a box while I'm there, and doing some body-weight workouts..." Sure you are...for like the first day.
While we all have the best intentions, it's hard to stay at the top of your game while you're out of town, and coming back will have you feeling like a newbie again.

Does the summer lead to too much flexibility? Having flexibility in your day allows you to lie to yourself about "going later" until "going later" turns into "going tomorrow." And eventually, not going at all. But wait!  There's hope! Are those school bells I hear in the distance?  Are those forecasts for cooler weather I'm dreaming about? Don't worry.  While it may seem like you'll never swim your way out of the puddle of sweat you're in, we'll all be wearing jackets, and your schedule will be better in no time !

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