Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Embrace Beautiful !

What is beauty ? What is fitness ? What do you consider attractive? What is a "10" ?? These are very hard questions to answer and they are 100% opinion biased. We are are living in a society where the media is cultivating a "thought" of what we should be like.
It’s a little scary when you see women being placed into situations where they are now the undermined figure. How many girls, boys, even those of us now adults, were inundated growing up with all of this imagery of what we need to be to have value??
Think back to the day that you started worrying about how you looked, what food you ate ( didn't eat) and the opinions of others? Chances are you know exactly the moment that you felt this. For me it was in 4th grade. It was an overnight switch of your thinking "normal" to you need to lose weight and look like those you see on TV/ magazine covers.
Those moments linger for years as we struggle to find meaning to life. Many people can shake the "awkward" years however, many do not and fight every day to make sense of what is deep inside. What is the intrinsic fear of not being good enough ? How do you break past that cycle of wanting to look like or be like someone else?
Fitness changed my life, for the better. I started using fitness for strength and not punishment. I learned that being strong is way more than being "skinny".I can be strong and take care of myself without feeling like I can't. The best feelings are being a part of something greater than yourself. The fitness community has many different avenues to go down. When I found lifting it was the first time that I can be in a room and lift what a guy is lifting and get respect in a good way for being strong. Sure I might be the only female in there but, I am not looked at as being weak, no I am being looked at as confident and strong. It seems to me, that when I do a workout with the same weight as some of the guys, high fives are not far away.
Let's just be clear on the amount of photo shopping that is going on. Magazine covers claim the woman got shredded eating cupcakes and doing hot yoga. Now i am not here to say that you might be genetically gifted and can do that, I am stating that the majority of people cannot. Many magazines and websites are covered with pictures of the supposed most beautiful people in the world, talking about how they look awful today, or have a spec of cellulite, or their makeup looks bad. What about a REAL person? No sleep, no makeup and yoga pants doesn't look great on anyone.
Enter weightlifting and CrossFit. You rarely hear the women at CrossFit say they want to be "skinny". Mass moves mass, skinny wouldn't work ! In fact, you often hear something along the lines of I’d rather be strong. I want to be healthy. I want to feel good.”
What are our goals? Do a muscle up? Increase our dead lift, or clean, or squat? Get a better Fran time? Do the workouts at Rx and stop scaling? Not, how do I lose weight, eat less and fit into a size 2?
So here is my question to you: Are you proud of what you look like or what you can do? I have been on BOTH sides of this. I trained for Figure Competitions to "look" a certain way and I trained to "perform"for CrossFit. I will say, knowing that I can lift something, endure a workout better than a guy, train hard, learn new skills and even rip my hands, CrossFit made a mark on my life. CrossFit forces focus on function over form. Now one cares what you weigh we care about what you do. You find a sense of pride in trying new things, eliminating doubt and fear. YOU determine your own value. So what is sexy? What is beautiful? What are your goals? It’s time for you to decide for yourself.

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