Monday, August 8, 2016

Athlete Mindset

Do you train hard and still feel like you are not getting to the point that you want to be at ? Many people who train 5 x's a week still struggle with a little extra weight. How can this be? It doesn't send the best message to others who are trying to lose weight saying that fitness isn't the end all be all to weight loss. No DIET is!
In a situation pf training and eating right, its more frustrating that giving 100% to your WODs, suffering the pain, pushing yourself through only to be disappointed with the results. Believe me I have been there ( I am there).
My goal is to give you sound and healthy advice for self acceptance with the hope that it will encourage healthier mindset, healthier body, better mood and more appropriate support from fellow Crossfitters and coaches.
Crossfit WORKS, as long as you do it ! Built on the principles of intensity and variety, it encourages body changes better than traditional workouts. WHY ? Because it is continually challenging the body and mind through different training techniques. It’s not important to work as hard as everyone else, you only have to work your hardest. With a different workout every day, your body can never really adjust and settle into comfortable patterns, as is our natural human tendency.
Crossfit offers a rare opportunity to confront self-sabotaging and failure-prone mindsets head on. It's funny how a WOD can humble you really quick.This has the potential to create real, lasting changes to lifestyle by radically changing our views of self, failures and set-backs.
One great thing about CrossFit is having accountability. Your coaches know when you are not there and they will check in on you. Also, they know when you are trying to take it easy in a workout and not train to your full potential.
Here is one set back, people start to think they can out exercise food,. When exercise is viewed as a tool to ‘burn calories’, fixing a weight problem is doomed.The body to many is seen as an enemy or viewed like a machine. When you eat you are inputting and exercising is an output. So rather than taking care or your own needs through nutrition, hydration and the joy of physical movement,people use it as punishment for life.The big difference between people in Crossfit whose bodies change and those whose don’t is their attitudes and beliefs about their bodies. The shift happens from what you look like to what your body can do!
Part of developing that successful mindset of an athlete, I mentioned earlier is to enjoy the physical challenge and to always provide the body with what it needs. Not necessarily what it wants or craves. And not to deny it of its needs either, not eating for example. Aim to heighten your awareness into the thinking behind your exercise and food-related impulses. And watch out for attitudes that suggest you are seeing exercise like punishment and food as reward.

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