Monday, July 11, 2016

What is holding you back ?

Is the fear of change holding you back? I know for me that fear has held me back numerous times from things I have wanted to accomplish. Fear of failure or fear of making a mistake are usually the most common ones that come to mind.
What if your nutrition is the same way ? Are you trying to lose weight but no matter what you are doing it just doesn't work? Maybe it's not working because it's not right for you. Did you ever think that what works for one person will not work for anther. You can follow the SAME plan as elite athletes and if it's not what your body needs, it just will not respond the same way.
I have a few scenarios that I want to take you through to see if you can change your mindset or way of thinking about food, nutrition and diets.
1- It's not the right time. You know when you are dating someone and it just feels "off"? You can have the perfect diet written out for you but it might require you to change your lifestyle in order for it to work. That is not sustainable over time and can lead into yo-yo dieting. Instead of trying to make it work, why don't you try to change small things that are not working. Are you addicted to sugar? Cut out your midday soda and replace it with fruit. Do you tend to binge at night? Spread out your meals during the day with protein, carbs, and fats to keep blood sugar steady.
2-It's just not working. Have you had this feeling with your diet? Are you working hard at eating right, training, and taking the proper recovery to find that you are stuck? This happens to the best of us. When everything "looks" good on paper yet it's not jiving with your life, maybe look into other aspects of your life that can be re-evaluated. A new training plan or different recovery plan might be the trick to get even more motivated. So what if its not working now, try something new and it might work !
3- You are just doing it to do it. What kind of life is that ? Following a plan that is not making you happy is setting you up for failure. You need to have a solid plan that you enjoy and can follow long term. It’s time to let go. Dieting should not make you hate food, just like dating should not make you hate men or women. Break the cycle now, before you find yourself backtracking – physically and emotionally.
Someone once said, “Never love anybody who treats you like you’re ordinary.” We can think of food in the same way. Never follow a diet plan or a nutrition guru that assumes you’re just like everyone else. You are not the person on TV or in the magazine. Be an individual and follow a plan for you !

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