Monday, July 4, 2016

Nutrition can be simple !

When it comes to fitness and nutrition, what should/ can you believe? There are rants, discussions, research and studies done about what diet and fitness protocol is the best. There are a few coaches who truly care about the health and well being of their clients and athletes. Educating and providing the right facts behind what will have the most lasting effect. However, many people do not have the best interest at heart and the industry takes advantage of them.

Nutrition is often the first thing that is over complicated. The fitness professional's skillset will always be required to guide and motivate, but communications about getting healthier should be simple, realistic, and easy to implement.

The truth is, nutrition can be easy if you are taught how, what, and how much to eat. You might be surprised to see that you can do this with ease and it will not lead you to starvation or limit your quality of life.

- Eat whole foods
- Limit artificial sugars
- Eat meals, try not to graze all day.
- Limit alcohol to 1-2 servings a week
- Sleep 7-9 hours nightly
- Manage your stress
- Move often
- Actively exercise at least 3-4 times a week doing something you enjoy
- Cook from home with whole foods
- Incorporate different types of meals. Try one meatless day and one new recipe a week

The biggest part is behavior change. If you are not willing to change a behavior, your efforts will only last so long. Your goal should be to try one thing from the list. Don't overwhelm yourself will all of them at once. Ease into it and see the efforts reap great rewards.

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