Wednesday, July 20, 2016


What is yours ?? To often you are looking for the answer to help jump start a plan of action for yourself or to keep yourself pushing forward. What if I told you there is system that can help you stay right on track !
- Create a vision: How do you know where you want to go if you don't know where that is? Purpose is important for motivation, so identifying a goal or choosing an event will help drive you. Being realistic and 100% honest with yourself is also critical for making changes.
-Each day make a specific plan of action and actually write it with as much detail as you can out to solidify your resolve. Include things like your workout for the day, the body parts you’ll train and the exercise you’ll use, your meal strategy and planning and any motivational reminders you need to keep going.
-Knowing your reasons for starting this journey and continuing is imperative when you hit a motivational roadblock. “Connecting with your ‘why’ will make putting in the time easier and will re-engage you when things get stale.
-Stating your goal to others solidifies it in your mind while also creating external accountability to achieve your goal. Partnering up can also have the same effect, so if you know a friend with the same kinds of goals as yourself, pair up to train, meal prep and even relax and/or commiserate. “Shared suffering” is often a powerful motivational tool!
-What the mind believes the body achieves. If you tell yourself you can't, you won't.However if you can say I can, you changed your mindset.At the beginning or the end of the day, sit quietly and visualize these things. It only takes a couple minutes, and can be a powerful way to stick to your goals.
-There is something strangely satisfying about crossing things off a to-do list or X-ing through the days on a calendar, especially when you’re traveling steadily toward a goal. When each workout or goal for the day is complete, but a big X through it.
You can use these tips in all aspects of your life, especially through finding and keeping your motivation !

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