Sunday, July 31, 2016

Fitness- Soreness- Plateau !

If you are never getting sore or fatigued during your workout, it's time you progress forward. If you are not getting occasional soreness, it's time to up the weights ! Do not fear getting HUGE, as a female you don't have enough testosterone for that to happen. Women get caught up in wanting to look "toned" yet are not progressing themselves in the weight room. Below are awesome tips for you to follow !
-Fitness is an inverse relationship. When you reach a point in your training that the weight is easy, you should move up in weight in a linear progression. So if you did 20 reps at 20 pounds, next week do 25# for 15 reps. Continue this as you get stronger and do no less than 6-8 reps.
-Warm up and do progressions. There is nothing more terrifying than watching athletes just come into the gym and start slapping on weights to start lifting without warming up. Part of warming up is mentally preparing yourself for the mechanics of the lift.Don't be ignorant and rush your training to just get it done. Take time to work on the basic fundamental movements.
-You have the ability to access experts with the click of a button. The best option is a qualified coach/ personal training who coaches that domain of fitness. If you are not in a program that has one available, research is a great tool IF it's from an accredited source.
-Sometimes you need to push through the suck. If your muscles are aching, this doesn't mean you are making gains. It's your neurological response to something new. When you are sore it doesn't mean that you shouldn't push for more, it just means your doing something new.
-It's all mind over muscle. Yes, your mind is HUGE in your success. You need to believe in yourself and challenge your mind. IF you say you can, you will!
Overall, your training needs to have smart progression, a quality training program and a willingness to be defeated every once in a while to get mentally stronger through training !

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