Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Deadlifts for a stronger body !

If you want to get stronger, you need to start lifting deadlifts more. A lot of deadlifting is focused on technique. In order to get stronger, you should start taking your deadlift seriously and I want to teach you how. Follow the below tips to your best deadlift yet !
-Keep the hips tight and high .Your hips should be high while maintaining the most leg tension as possible. You also want your hips to be close the bar as well. Finding the right hip height all depends on your femur, tibia, torso, and arm lengths.As well as and your body type.
-Become a wedge and pull yourself into position.Using the bar to wedge yourself into a powerful starting position will result in a faster break off the floor. Without the correct tension, there will be violent jerking movement that usually involves getting the lifter into a poor position and a missed lift.
-Don't be a copy cat, that person "might" not be doing it right .Watch great lifters and mimic their technique if these lifters have a similar build to you. Better yet, do your research on proper techniques from accredited sources.
-Practice "perfect" form.Training is intended as practice and to get you strong at the movement. This happens by reinforcing great form and increasing intensity, volume and or load over a period of time.Competition and maxes in training can be planned, but you should not be trying a new deadlift max every time you step foot in the gym.
-Make sure your wearing the right shoes. our shoes can be the difference between a making or miss a lift. The actual shoes you decide to wear will depend on personal preference, but there are a couple important factors to look for in a good deadlifting shoe.
Thin sole, flat sole, hard sole, stable and balanced. You want a shoe that will allow for a greater transfer of force that is stable, opposed to a soft cushioned shoe that is wobbly and absorbs valuable energy. Stay away from running shoes because they have a lot of cushion which makes an unstable surface to control.Some great brands are :Chuck Taylors, Minimalist shoe (Vibram, Merrell, etc), deadlifting slippers or just your socks !
Practice like you compete.Visualization and the ability to rehearse movements in sport is one thing that separates the good from the great. The same goes for the deadlift.
Approach the bar the same way each time.
Use the same setup and the same gear.
Go over the same mental checklist in your head
Commit to the lift.
Get strong !

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