Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What is YOUR fitness for?

What is YOUR functional fitness for ?
I believe functional fitness comes down to two specific concepts:
2- putting your fitness into practice in a real application
What people get all caught up in is HOW they are using their fitness. It's awesome that you can bench and deadlift a lot of weight but how does your fitness work for you? It is easy to become comfortable in the indoor setting where it is predictable and safe and controlled but how would you do in the elements ?
Even if you train hard it tends to fall into a rut and doesn’t often push that threshold. Let me ask you this: When is the last time you were nervous before a workout?? Or experienced the fear of learning a new skill? Learning is a skill itself. The more you learn physically or mentally the better you become at the act of learning. So, your next learning challenge is to take your fitness and apply it in some practical sense.

Transferability of fitness from the gym to the real world isn’t as easy as we would like to think. You can be strong but life is in constant motion with many different elements that you need to adapt to. If you never train for the unexpected of different situations that arise can you truly be prepared for life?
You need to learn to challenge this week. To do this you need to get outside of your comfort zone and transfer your fitness. Your comfort zone is dynamic, and if you never push the limits it slowly shrinks. Find different situations where you can expand your limits and see if your fitness truly crosses over.Success is contagious and once you begin to explore new skills and limitations you may want to set new goals.
Knowing that your fitness is working FOR you can be the difference between going out there and trying out new things. How will you know if you can do it unless you try ?

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