Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Turn the clock off !!

How do you track your progress? For me I track EVERYTHING I do in a notebook. From how I felt, if I slept good or bad and even the weather. All the little details affect your training. One of the most effective ways to track progress is through timing on the clock!
Yes the imfamous 3...2...1... GO ! t’s that last moment before you know you’re about to suffer a little. It’s the best AND worst feeling and it usually makes your heart beat a little faster right before your workout even starts.
Timing your workout is a great way to track and record your progress day to day. Learning how to keep your fitness measured is a foundation to maintain constantly varied functional fitness. However, sometimes when the clock starts you can become a slave to the time forgetting everything your coaches taught you and now your just rushing through the workout. Not to mention you start overthinking and overstressing the time it takes to perform certain workouts. Not every single day has to be a testing or timing day.
You might want to try this!!! Dare I say it ? Turn the clock off! Yes turn it off and ENJOY your workout. The funny thing about the clock is that it's now a race to the finish. There is one thing that you start to forget and that is form first THEN speed. If you are rushing through workouts, not paying attention to your form, then half your reps are good and half are not. This is STILL inconsistent training. Learning to do perfect reps while increasing your intensity over time will yield higher fitness and strength in your training.
Sometimes it’s best not to time yourself and simply try your very best with zero expectations or added stress. try to allow your body to move through your workout at a nice steady pace and accumulate some fitness without adding stress or urgency to get it done as fast as possible. This can be super beneficial for both your future progress as well as your immediate stress levels.
Allow yourself some peace of mind knowing that there is nothing on the line that day. No PRs to set, no time to beat. Work on your fitness and perfect movement. Turn off the clock and enjoy one day of just fun training for you !

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