Thursday, June 2, 2016

Tips on Becoming Your Healthiest Self !

Tips to become your healthiest self. Ladies I am talking to you specifically for this one. There are so many misconceptions when learning about fitness and health. It's especially hard when there are so many controversial ideas it becomes confusing to choose which one suits you best.
Lift weights often. Lifting will: Improve your bone density due to osteoporosis which hits women harder than men. Improve fat burning and increases lean mass.
Your body fat is supposed to be a little bit higher. Women carry more fat on average than men. When you look at a healthy woman’s body, her true body fat percentage is likely higher than you think. For a man, 12-15% body fat is healthy, while for women the healthiest in general is around 18-25% of body fat.
You are not a man, please portion wisely. en are generally larger, with more muscle mass. Just to stay at their normal weight they require more calories. They can get away with more calories. But since women are smaller in general, eating in an excess amount of calories are not needed. Make sure you’re eating nutrient dense foods and foods that add high volume since you have fewer calories to “work with". Make the most out of your food and be creative !
Please be cautious and avoid the female athlete triad. When women combine heavy, intense training with undereating, they may develop the “female athlete triad“: disordered eating, osteoporosis, amenorrhea. If all that sounds extreme, however the triad is shockingly common among adolescent and young adult female athletes.
Make sure you are utilizing your calcium consumption and taking supplements to aid in this nutrient absorption.Women need more calcium than men. Leafy greens are pretty good sources of calcium, but I wouldn’t rely on them for the entirety of your calcium intake.
Females are more susceptible to the negative effects of stress than men.Girls appear to be more sensitive to the negative psychological effects of child abuse. Overall, females have a greater potential for dysregulated “stress reactivity” in response to stressors and show higher rates of stress-related disorders.
Even “physical” stress, like the oxidative damage caused by exposure to airborne pollution, is more potent in women than men.
Sleep is important ! Do not try to skimp out on this to make up for things in your day. Inadequate sleep was more likely to cause “psychological distress and greater feelings of hostility, depression, and anger” in women than men.
Try to pay attention to your body and what you are doing to support your health overall. Use these tips to increase your quality of life !

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