Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I like BIG BUTTS !

I like big butts and I cannot lie...
In addition to the obvious aesthetic benefits of having a shapely backside, strong glutes are the key to unlocking your full-body power potential. Want to hit a PR in your deadlift and clean ? Strengthen your glutes. PLUS you get the added benefit of protecting your spine.
Why do you want a strong backside? Most people understand that having a strong core is imperative to keeping their spine stable and strong so they can lift heavy things without breaking form and risking injury. But in order to actually lift those heavy things and safely transfer that force across your body, you need to be able to generate enough power. Most of that power comes from your hips, more specifically your glutes.
Any time you bend over at your hips, your glute muscles need to engage to control that movement.Having strong glutes will enable you to generate more power in just about every movement, including running, jumping, and squatting. In addition to generating power, the hip muscles work to stabilize your pelvis and trunk, especially when you’re standing on one leg. And having strong glutes will also help prevent excessive movement in your low back and knees, thus reducing injury to those regions.
Building a better posterior chain is easy if you take the time to perform some exercises that will increase your strength
-2 Legged Bridge
Lay down on your back with your knees bent and feet on the ground about hip-width apart. Extend your arms by your sides. Press your feet into the ground as you drive your arms down, raising your hips off the ground. Squeeze your glutes at the top. Then lower your hips all the way back to the ground. Keep your spine long and core tight as you lift and lower your hips. Exhale as you bridge up, inhale as you lower your hips down. Complete 2 sets of 15 reps.
-Lunges in ALL directions
Basic -Reverse lunge
Sanding tall with or without weights in your hands, step your right leg back and bend both knees down to 90 degrees. Then drive off your left leg by pushing strongly into your left foot and engaging your left glute to return to standing. Keep your shoulders packed, your chest high, and your core tight throughout the exercise. Complete 2 sets of 10 reps on both legs.
-Dynamic Skater
Start in an athletic stance with your knees bent, hips back, and chest high. Cross your right leg behind you as you load the left leg. Then drive off the left leg, jumping sideways to land on your right and naturally letting the left leg cross behind you. Immediately drive off the right leg to jump sideways, returning to the left. Your arms will swing as if you were ice skating, helping you drive off your legs and also maintain balance. Start with small lateral jumps, and increase your jump-distance as you get stronger and more comfortable with the exercise.
Use a kettlebell, dumbbells, or a barbell. Stand tall with feet hip-width apart. Pull your hips back as you keep your chest high, keeping your shoulders packed as you reach the weight towards the ground. Then press strongly into your feet to bring yourself back up to standing. At the bottom of the movement, the weight will hover above the ground. Your abs should remain tight and your spine long throughout the movement. Inhale as you reach the weight towards the ground and exhale as you powerfully bring yourself back to standing.
Quick glute activation tips:
-Always move from your hips
-Perform 1-Legged or Asymmetrical Exercises
-Build a booty !

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