Thursday, June 23, 2016

I exercise because ______________?

Answer this question:
I exercise because __________?
Everyone is going to have a different reason for this, but there are only THREE legitimate answers:
1.) To improve your health
2.) To improve your level of fitness
3.) Because you like it
Notice one that didn't make the list ? To lose weight ! Scientifically, exercise has many benefits on your health ranging from better sleep, to improved confidence and a healthier blood pressure. But for many, weight loss is not necessarily correlated with fitness. So why do so many people insist it is? Why do so many people do hours of cardio to lose weight ?
Losing weight is simple, burn more calories than you take in. In order to stop being overweight, you need to start moving around and stop taking in more calories than you burn, and the best way to burn more calories than you take in is through exercise. Diet is the number one reason weight loss is stalled or not progressing.
While exercise is highly correlated with levels of fitness and health-related metrics such as blood pressure and cholesterol, using exercise as your solution to lose weight will ultimately fail. You can't out train a bad diet no matter how hard you train.
Did you know you can be fit and obese as well as healthy and obese! Sounds like an oxymoron but it is true. You simply cannot tell by looking whether someone is fit or not.The fitness industry must adapt to this reality, and take hard stands when it comes to sending the wrong message. It’s time for the correlation between the fitness and weight-loss industries to end.
The best way to start this trend is by being truthful about what the bigger issue is. food! The first step in telling the truth about the obesity epidemic is to name the true culprit: sugar and processed and packaged foods in excess quantities. The war on fat isn’t about burning more calories on the treadmill, no it’s about our food, and what's in it. There are 600,000 food items in America. 80% of them have added sugar. Couplet that with lack of exercise and you have a recipe for disaster!
The problem of obesity is one of nutrition. Let's start to be accountable for ourselves and move more, eat healthy and learn about how amazing your body should feel!

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