Monday, June 20, 2016

Can you consider CrossFit a Sport ?

The sport of CrossFit is and always has been about fitness.
CrossFit creates an exercise environment where athletes can work on challenging themselves as well as putting their numbers on the whiteboard and seeing how they rank up against others in a friendly but competitive way.
BUT.. Is CrossFit a sport ?
This all goes back to the classic debate of defining what is and is not a sport. For me, it's an excellent way to train. It's fun and exciting which makes you want to come back for more. Plus a little friendly competition doesn't hurt either.
The “sport/not a sport” argument is more vocal as the regional events are coming to an end and the Games are startting to approach.It is continuing to evolve into a bigger and bigger production. More prize money, more endorsements and live coverage on ESPN are some of the new attractions to this year’s quest to find the “Fittest on Earth.”
But at the heart of all the cameras and TV publicity CrossFit is still all about the competition, and more important, it’s still about the development of the competitive athletes. Masters divisions have grown and expanded and this past year the teens division has evolved. The teams are fitter and more prepared than ever before. Even the field of competitors is growing so much that former number one athletes are starting to struggle to qualify or didn’t even qualify at all for this years Games.
It makes no difference how you approach your relationship to CrossFit. If you’re trying to lose weight, fight against heart disease later in life, work on your overall strength or just love being a part of your local community, CrossFit will help you in all your pursuits. It's a community of people helping people. It's a place where you can go back to the competition side of training and have a goal to work for. You get a sense of what you are made of against others and you have the support of your friends doing it too. The best part is that you have so much room for growth that you can't help but to continue to get better !

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