Sunday, June 26, 2016

Break the BAD eating cycle !

Can you your bad eating cycle ? Many of you can relate to this because you "want" to eat healthy and one of two things happens:
1- You just really don't know what to eat
2- Eating junk food is so much easier than cooking a healthy meal
I get it. You have life responsibilities like work, friends, families. but for some reason taking care of YOURSELF falls short on that list. I am stating that you have the ability to control what you are eating. You either bought it or decided to cook it. Only you can truly commit to changing your behaviors.
Let's talk about food as rewards. Now be honest, do you do this? Maybe this can help you relate: I worked a long day so I deserve this treat.
You are rewarding your behaviors with food and now making an association with that food to a good thing. So every time you do something "good" or "expected" are you going to reward yourself with a treat? Why start to put yourself in that position. It's a hard cycle to break when it becomes habit. Not only does eating like this take a toll on your body, but it also leaves you struggling the next day to stay focused and can really disrupt your sleep patterns. Not to mention, you don't feel the greatest the next day to even want to train. All things that I see as HUGE red flags in your nutrition journey!
One choice can lead into a snowball effect. There is the 80/20% rule that is safe to live by. 80% of the time eat healthy whole foods with a lot of nutritional properties and 20% of the time you can have something a little less healthful. Problem is that a 'treat' turns into a meal and then a full day of eating this way which ruins your plan for progress.
Here is the hard truth about reality, it's very easy to make the decision to change what you are eating BUT you need to apply it to your life ! What is the solution? You need to take ownership of the choices you are making and eat more lean meats and veggies, limit or eliminate the snacks or sugary treats, and find something more productive and less destructive to reward myself with after a long day than bad food.
You will have the willpower to stay on track and desire to train at a higher level! Those two things combined and you will have the most success. Breaking the cycle of eating poorly can be done if you are willing to do the work. Just like a long grinding workout, the best approach is to buckle down and take it a rep at a time.
What are some struggles you have had with staying on task, nutritionally? Let me know and I can help!

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