Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What Lifting Taught ME

My top 5 lessons i learned from lifting weights !
1.) Humility
We ALL start out as beginners and we all need help from time to time. Many people do not like to be corrected because we feel inferior or discredited, but honest self-evaluation is the first step in any program and it is essential in life. We all can have the dream of going Pro in whatever sport we train or want to get noticed on a team. You cannot hide from the truth in the weight room. Can I lift this weight?Who can squat more than me? Can I broad jump my height? The feedback is undeniable and immediate.
2.) Feedback and Goal Setting
In order to get better, you need to know HOW you are training and WHERE you are going. Clear standards and feedback are essential for development. It is sad that now our society chooses to give ALL athletes an award, somehow that diminishes the drive to get better. Competition is not a curse word. With the right priorities, competition is fuel to achieve more. The weight room offers a structured environment for competition to flourish. The competition may not always seem fair, but fairness is an illusion that holds you back. There are no victims in the weight room, just people trying to be better today than they were yesterday.
3.) Patience
You will hit a plateau. In the first six months you make impressive gains. then those gains start to slow down or stall completely. No matter how hard you work, these plateaus will be a constant presence throughout your training career. Even harder is watching others continue to make gains while you’re stalled out. It may take time, but if you focus on the process and remain patient, success is likely.You need to take a step back, re-evaluate your form, tempo, assistance work, nutrition, sleep, and other variables to come up with a plan to attack your goal.
4.) Mental Toughness
Not everyday will be a good day. Some days you will find yourself questioning everything you are doing. Those days will make you stronger in the end. That level of maturity is a beautiful consequence of time spent in the weight room. Making the gym a habit will get you there everyday and having a support team can be a huge motivating factor on getting through a tough workout. The days when you grind it out are the days where you are made.
5.) Have Fun
Training is an opportunity for self-improvement. At the end of the day, athletics are games. If you are so serious that you lose the passion of fun, your limiting your potential to get better. Do what you ultimately enjoy doing and have fun doing it.

WWE great Triple H (Paul Levesque) once said, “The gym teaches you everything you need to know about life.”

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