Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What is YOUR definition of STRONG ?

What is your definition of being strong ? Many people relate strength with how much you can lift overhead, pull off the ground or squat. Being "strong" instills a level of confidence in your that many people don't understand. Strength is personal and subjective. To find real strength, you have to break down barriers, overcome limiting beliefs, and exceed your own expectations. It requires stamina and endurance of a different kind as you’re tested relentlessly from many different angles. Here is a list of what I learned about being STRONG !
-It's uncomfortable, you need to dig deep and learn to grind! Strength enables you to tough it out and get up again after setbacks and mistakes. Strength gives you the drive to start fresh after a downright awful day. The hard part comes when you realize how much hard graft, consistency, and focus are required for success. True strength involves acknowledging the commitment it takes to apply the knowledge, skills, tools, and confidence you need to navigate unfamiliar situations and challenges. Whether it’s a performance, health, or life goal, strength builds the strongest version of you. If you persist and remain dedicated through the bad times as well as the good, you will discover the true depth of your strength and achieve things you never thought possible.
-What happens when you suddenly have a change in your schedule and plans? How you learn to adapt to changes is important. Not everyday will feel great, but you need to embrace the changes that are happening and roll with the punches. Training is much like this. Some days the bar feels light and others it is a challenge to just move it an inch. You need to get a sense of how to modify and change your reaction. If you give up what does that prove? The strongest people in life take attack change head on and make the situation work for them. Don't get stuck in the struggles but embrace them for what they are. Focusing on the negative will only cause you to not see the positive opportunities !
-Embrace yourself and your life.t takes a great deal of strength to stay true to your beliefs and values and not get swept along with the hype. I hope ‪#‎justbeyourself‬ becomes popular, as it’s vital to your happiness, health, and success in life. In a world of filters embrace the uniqueness that you have.You might be struggling to reach your goals is because you created unrealistic expectations. You might lack the satisfaction of success because they are always striving to become something your not, perhaps driving yourself in to destructive habits.
This pressure to be something you’re not is creating an epidemic of adrenal fatigue, orthorexia, overtraining injuries, and low self-esteem. To be yourself in a world where you’re encouraged to be anything but is a sure sign of your true strength.Become best mates with your body. Have the courage to be open and honest about your vulnerabilities. Share mistakes, and admit when you fucked up. In essence, just be real, and if you’re ever in doubt on this journey, follow your gut instinct, because it’s often right.

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