Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Stop looking for the EASY way and just do it !

It's pretty simple and there is no gimmick to getting stronger in the gym, it takes time and dedication. Many people want a combination of getting stronger and leaner with a good body composition along the way. No matter you goal, from Power lifting, Crossfit, or just remaining healthy to thrive in life, it all comes down to getting stronger and leaner through training.
As a bonus, when you focus on those two simple goals, other training objectives like improved mobility, agility, endurance, and injury prevention fall into place.When it comes to making the most of your efforts in the gym, forget trying to find the easy way. Put the effort in to make it worth your time.
If you want to get leaner and stronger, follow these tips that are used by so many people who are willing to strive for more.
1.) Lift Weights. Forget thinking weight training will make you bulky. Stop lifting 2 lbs. and start lifting heavy weights. Lifting weights is about you and the bar. Focus on proven, multi-joint, large range-of-motion movements like squats, rows, deadlifts, presses, pull ups, and leg presses.
2.)Do cardio for your heart but don't over do it for weight loss. Don’t get too hung up on the type of cardio you choose. Just pick an exercise that you enjoy and want to do. Walking, jogging, rowing, cycling, swimming, skating, and hiking are all good options. Variety helps motivation and reduces the likelihood of injury, so switch things up from time-to-time. HIIT or sprint-style cardio is useful as well, but keep in mind that this type of work is fueled by the same energy reserves as your lifting sessions, so proceed with caution.
3.)Get a handle on your diet. First ask yourself if you know how much you are eating. Do you track it? Do you know what your body needs to perform well? Make sure you’re ingesting an appropriate number of calories per day, and focus your attention on macronutrient ratios. Get these two basics in check and your diet will begin to fall into place to support your training and body composition goals.

Don't get so caught up in the latest fad diet or workout trend. When it comes to training goals, if you really think about why you want to train it will usually come down to two things, I want to get stronger and look good doing it.

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