Monday, May 2, 2016

My TOP Fitness Motivation Tips !

My top fitness motivational tips !
-Say the words ‘I can’ and ‘I will’ often
The word ‘I can’t’ will often translate directly into ‘I didn’t,’ so try to replace your vocabulary with positively charged words. Set a positive intention for each day and believe that you can do it. A positive approach often leads to positive results. Start your day with a positive mantra and use it all day long. Keep it somewhere you look often and read it throughout the day to remind you of all the things you have that are blessings in your life.
-Love who you are
Try not to be negative about yourself. Ask yourself if you would ever say what you say to yourself to a friend. If you wouldn't say it to a friend then why are you being so harsh on yourself. Stop looking in the mirror and thinking ‘I need to change.’ Even if your goal is to lose a lot of weight, it doesn’t mean you should look at your self in a negative light. The fact that you realize you need to take care of yourself is a step in the right direction.
-Do what you enjoy
A lot of times people try to "fit" into a certain type of training that is most poplar at that time. If you are trying to fit into something you don't enjoy, then why do you feel you would stick to it? Choosing exercises you enjoy doing are part of the journey to getting better. Now that doesn't mean you should never do things you don't enjoy, just always follow it up with something you do!
-Make a reward that is not food related
People use food as a reward for going to the gym.WHY ? That's a little counter productive and it can create restrictive eating. You should create a reward that has more value to you. A new pair of shoes or a new workout outfit to wear. Food should be used as fuel and not as a reward to your training.
I hope that these fitness tips will help you along your journey. You have so much to look forward to when you start to train and learn to make it a part of your day instead of a chore !

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