Monday, May 30, 2016

Easy tips to keep you on point !

Have you started a "diet" but your not losing any weight or body fat ? Have you thought about some of your nutritional decisions that might be ruining your diet without you even knowing it? All it takes is a few simple missteps in your diet, and suddenly you’re putting your metabolism into overdrive.
I have a few common errors that people make when dieting that might be putting a damper on your goals!
1.) You are hungry so instead of eating something with a higher nutritional value like fruit, veggies or protein, you reach for the can of diet soda FILLED with artificial ingredients. Little do you know, sugar substitutes can sabotage your weight loss efforts.Consuming artificial sweeteners caused dopamine levels to plummet and promoted an intense craving for real sugar. There is a good chance that you might even CRAVE sugar. Fix this behavior by turning to water instead. Try to drink at least 4 liters of water a day. Use fresh lemon or cucumber to make it a tastier drink.
2.) Are you drinking enough water ? Even mild dehydration can send your metabolism into a stalling place. Water is involved in every type of cellular process in the body, and when you’re running low, all these processes run less efficiently. That includes your metabolism. Staying hydrated keeps your metabolism moving and aids in proper digestion. Get in the habit of drinking a glass of COLD water before each meal. You will feel fuller and it will help you stay on track with your hydration!
3.) Don't fear fats in your diet.Fat not only has been found to improve mood, strengthen the immune system, lower the risk for heart disease, combat inflammation, speed up recovery and improve performance, but eating the right types also can help burn more calories as you chew. Try to get about 20 to 30 percent of your total daily calories from fat. Fill up on healthy fat sources like avocadoes, olive oil, nuts and fish.
4.) You want to lose weight so it makes sense to cut your calories, right? Leptin and ghrelin, play a significant role in keeping metabolism up and hunger down. Leptin, made by fat cells, sends signals to the brain to eat less and ramp up calorie burn, while ghrelin tells the brain that you’re hungry. When you slash calories to shed weight, ghrelin levels spike and leptin levels plummet. Instead of cutting calories for longer, cut carbs for a short period, focusing primarily on protein and veggies. Even if it's just 2 days out of the week, this can greatly influence your metabolism and body composition.
5.) You chew gum like it's your day job. If you are constantly chewing gum, you are sending a signal to your body that you are "eating" and you start to get cravings for food since your not actually eating. Instead of chewing gum drink a cup of green tea instead of chewing gum. Green tea boosts the release of cholecystokinin, a potent hormone that contributes to the feeling of satiation.
Take all these tips and use them to help you stick to your diet without compromising your efforts.

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