Thursday, May 19, 2016

4 Reasons to Log your Workouts !

4 Reasons Why You Should Log your Workouts !!
It will help you monitor your progression
-Let me ask you this: Do you remember EVERYTHING you did today? Chances are NO. Your memory is not as good as we like to think it is which is why writing all your weights and exercises is great to look back on in training. With an accurate training history in your training journal ,you know exactly what you are supposed to be lifting this week because you know what you lifted last week.Having your results in hand leaves no doubt when it comes to planning your workout and checking for progression.
It keeps you accountable
-You know when you keep that dreaded food log and you don't want to eat anything bad because you know that someone will be reviewing it ? This is the same way, except you are your own accountability buddy. Being able to look back on your workouts will help you to maintain a reference point on a few factors such as how you felt, what you did, and monitor your progress.
It keeps you motivated
-There are fewer things that give you a sense of pride quite like looking back at your workout history.Over the long haul of trying to accomplish your goals in the gym it can be easy to lose sight of all the progress we have already made.It's always nice to look through the pages of your training journal and feel satisfaction and pride to remind you not only how far you have already come, but just how capable you are. Celebrating the smaller moments are important. You shouldn’t have to wait until you have hit your final target or that elusive PR to recognize the little moments of success along the way.
It builds character
-Is there anything more frustrating than falling into the same traps and setbacks over and over? Yet we seem to keep making them and don't change our behavior. A powerful benefit of having a workout history is that you will start learn a lot about you, your workouts, and how you best respond to them. If you had a bad day, what happened in your workout? Did you push through or did you let it defeat you? The more detailed you can be in your training journal the better off you can identify your weak and strong points in yourself and your training.

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