Sunday, April 17, 2016

What are YOU training for ?

What are YOU training for ? You go to the gym, you might follow a plan or do a class that has specific programming, but do you have an idea of your goal overall? Different people have different responses. Some people are training for something very specific and goal oriented and others are just trying to get healthier.
Whatever you choose that’s okay!!! We can exercise without training for anything. I firmly believe we are not here to judge the paths of other people. I have a hard enough time judging my own squats! I question myself: “Is that below parallel? Just at parallel? Can you look at this video and give me your opinion on that depth?" For me I am training for something specific that I want to accomplish and make sure I am doing what it takes. But there are some who just want to have fun!!! What ever you do, do it for YOU!
The funny thing is, no matter what your answer, we are ALL training to be badasses ! What do I mean by that? Common you mean you never looked at yourself in the gym and was mirin at your own reflection? Badass is a sort of nebulous word in our society: it means what each person thinks it means. Sure, the Merriam-Webster dictionary has definitions for the “badass” adjective: “ready to cause or get into trouble” and “of formidable strength or skill.” But we use badass as a noun in other ways in the gym and in sports or fitness. In the athletic realm, we use the word “badass” equally to describe a male Olympic lifter, a incredibly fast sprinter, a short woman repping out deadhang pull-ups, or a granny deadlifting. And the strength or skill doesn’t have to be formidable by any strict standard of strength or skill.
And that’s why I think it’s important that we see our work in the physical realm as preparation for being everyday badasses. Because what we do is badass! Because what you are doing is actually more important than where you finish when you’re doing it. You create your own "badassness"! Your fitness, however you earned it, has function. Being strong for the people in your life is badass, whether you realize that or not. Your strength is physical, it is mental, it is emotional. And training helps you get stronger in all three dimensions, by exposing you to stress in manageable bites from which you then recover and grow.
Just think of all the AMAZING things you are doing RIGHT NOW! Did you hit a PR? Are you sticking to your diet? Are you training with a purpose? Whatever you are doing, you are being the best you... FOR YOU! Create your badass and own it !!

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