Friday, April 15, 2016


Love yourself. I will say it again, LOVE YOURSELF ! So often we see the beauty in others yet somehow we do not see it in ourselves. From the outside, we as humans know how to put on a good face. We will smile even when upset, we will do things we don't really want to do to make someone else happy, we even will try to change who we are to "fit" into society.

WHY? So many people go through self hate on a daily basis, myself included. I struggle just as much as the next person with body image, self esteem and making sure I am being positive to myself as well. This is self-harm. Now when you think of self harm you think of the physical, yet self-harm can be manifested through dysfunctional eating habits, unhealthy exercise habits, negative self-talk and so many more.

Learning to love and accept your body as is, unconditionally, no exceptions doesn’t mean you can’t want it to change in some way. Loving your body and yourself isn’t complacency; it is compassion and grace. You are more than a number on the scale or the size in your jeans. So how can you learn to love yourself in this moment right now?

Dwell in the positive. Shift from focusing on your imperfections to focusing on your most beautiful traits. Discover the things you love about your body and yourself, declare them and emphasize those positive points consistently. Love your body because it is strong, capable and beautiful. Remind yourself of how amazing you are, and do it often.

Once you can recognize how amazing you are, practice it by taking action. Do the things that make you feel strong. For me this is going to the gym and just lifting HEAVY !!!Wear the things that make you feel beautiful. Surround yourself with people who speak positively about their bodies and about yours. Do something nice just to take care of yourself like getting a massage. Try to focus on exercise and nutrition as tools to care for your body, rather than weapons or punishments for not looking or performing in a certain way.

Have a mantra and speak it often. I have notes written to myself in my car, on my bathroom mirror and around the house. I talk to myself in the car, while I’m working and lifting and I read these mantras aloud. You need to BELIEVE it yourself.Accept the “flaws”. What even are “flaws” anyway? Cellulite? Scars? Dimples, acne, stretch marks, moles, strange hairs, belly rolls or love handles?

Guess what? WE’VE ALL GOT ‘EM! You’re not alone. Just accept that you’re not the only women in the world with a jiggly belly or a weird [and kinda witch-y] stiff, black hair that grows out of her chin. These “flaws” are part of every one of us and they help us tell our stories. Share your struggles because someone else is also in the same situation!

Loving yourself is a relationship. Just like any other relationship in your life it needs time to heal from all the nasty things we say before it can become intimate. Take the time, stay committed and you can learn to love your body and yourself if you give it a chance.

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