Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Greatness is NOT a Fluke !

It's not by fluke or by accident that an athlete becomes successful! It take a lot of time, hours training, sacrifices, and failures to become ranked at the top in his or her sport. Awesome athletes build themselves every day, in multiple ways. Some people believe that athletes are just born with this special talent that "normal" people don't have. Not true. However you will find common traits that elite athletes have in common that do separate them from the rest.
Let's start with training. Athletes train when they don't want to. It may come as a surprise to many that even the elite do not want to train sometimes. If they are in a funk, tired, upset or even frustrated they train through it. Elite athletes create focus and get the work done. They have a plan and they stick to it. Their level of dedication is a major part of their success.
Sleep is critical. Any good athlete will tell you that sleep and recover are essential to performance. Nap” is not a bad word and “sleep-deprived” is not some weird badge of honor like is made out to be in the corporate world. They sleep when they need to in order to perform their best.
The key to being a good athlete in general is being consistent. Progress comes in small increments. We all want to think that progress arrives in a big lump or is awarded suddenly as soon as you start but the truth is that progress is born of repetition. Consistent, small progress adds up. Consistent work is what pays off. This concept is really not that different from saving money or dating someone, when you think about it. High standards + consistency + repetition = success.
Your mindset is you BIGGEST tool for success.Awesome athletes learn their lesson, and get right back in the moment. They play present. Use this principal in your daily life. If you slip, “get back quick.” We live in a distracted society, but if you can focus your mental game and get back quick, you can achieve. You do not have to ruin an entire day if you make one error. Just correct it and move on.
Praise those around you. An attitude of gratitude is as beneficial as it is addictive.No one achieves everything on their own. We are all connected. Plus, passing the praise feels good. You’ve got a support system, even if it’s just you and your dog and that one guy who waves to you every morning on your run. Pass the praise. See how your life improves.
Taking a little bit of each of these can improve your training. Know that you have the potential to become a great athlete if you put your mind to it. Give back and thank those that helped you along your journey. But most of all, know that hard work pays off !

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