Friday, April 29, 2016


Every single day you have the opportunity to get out of bed and make a choice. You can decide to have fear or faith. It's really a simple decision based on your mindset that you have to power through your day. It is a simple decision that can have such an impact on your life and how you embrace choices that day.

If you start your day with fear of _______ ( you fill in your fear) you predetermined that your living out of a place of what if. That place of uncertainty has created doubt. By living this way you are not allowing yourself to flourish in creating a vision but you are stuck in the feeling of "maybe I will fail". Choosing fear means allowing an imaginary situation that most likely will never occur control your thoughts.

Fear does a number of things. You start to doubt your capabilities. Embracing the notion that you MIGHT fail but that will teach you something is a learned behavior. You need to accept that everything you do has a consequence that can shape your life. We all can look back in our past experiences and see that many decisions that happened to "fail" turned out to be a great blessing that we can look at now after the fact of it happening. Knowing that you DID not succeed but it all worked out in the end can have the best emotional output on your life. It will teach you to be resilient in your life and push to conquer more.

However, waking up each day and choosing FAITH, ensures that you are willing to make things happen and trust that your best effort will be rewarded at some point. Fear will limit your growth and faith will help you push forward knowing it's a matter of time before your goals are reached. You have the option is to attack your day with a mindset of forward. In other words, no matter what it takes, give a better effort today than you did yesterday.

Inevitably you will have days that fall short of expectations. But if you can maintain the mindset of forward, no matter what, you will reach your end goal and destination. You have something amazing to offer life so why should you settle on living in fear ?

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