Sunday, April 3, 2016

But I want to be "toned" not "bulky" !

I get this phrase A LOT: "I don't want to lift heavy because I don't want to get BIG". So many women fear they will become manly if they train with weights. FALSE. You will become a strong, fierce and healthy female who can take care of herself. I am glad that the fear of fitness and getting "big" is on the decline however it is really sad that women would stop themselves from training with heavy weights.
But what if I get too big? That is the most common question I get from females. The fear of lifting heavy and getting big limits potential and that is one thing that really upsets me as a trainer. So let me ask you about your goals. What do you want out of working out? Maybe to lose weight or to be more fit. A lot of times people want to have a smaller physique not a bigger one. Here is the truth, MUSCLE BURNS MORE FAT ! Yes. Hard to believe but really true and it increases your metabolism.
Question: When did you look the best? 9/10 its in your prime years when you were about 16-22. Why? Because your body had more muscle than it does not. As you age, you tend to lose muscle. Muscle is a big driver of metabolism, so losing it sets up a negative cycle. You lose muscle, which causes a drop in metabolism, which causes you to gain body fat, which further lowers your activity levels, which causes more muscle loss, and so on and so forth.
I also get the idea that people want to "tone" their body. What??? Here’s the deal: there really is no such thing as toning, or sculpting, or contouring. Muscles can get bigger through training, or smaller through disuse. Muscles grow and get stronger which then reduces the fat and appears smaller. That's it ! There is NO magic to it besides hard work and proper nutrition.
Do not fear muscle. Muscle is a great adaptation to your body. If you feel like your gaining too much ( which I mean who can really have too much) you can just back off your training. The great thing is that muscle is not permanent. The one thing you have to realize is that the media focuses to the extremes and not the norm. What the media shows are the women who are slightly photo shopped in order to sell a product. Some women are genetically gifted however that is after a lot of years of lifting heavy and eating to support those goals.
You should not fear the "bulky" lies that you are fed. You need to see training with weights as a tool to create a sculpt your body!

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