Monday, April 11, 2016

Break the Rules !!

Its time to BREAK the rules ! Yes when it comes to YOU and your goals in life. YOU need to have the control and find what works. Sure I can tell you what I am doing however if my goal is to do powerlifting and your goal is to run a marathon, what I do will not help you! When you first start off, you think that there are certain "rules" that you think you need to follow. The rules can be great for general guidance or inspiration, but they are no substitute for your own experience. Create your own unique ideal that works for you not for you and the person next to you!
Check out these crazy rules that "fitness" throws out there:
Powerlifters should be as big as possible, even if much of that size is fat.
Women should be feminine not big and muscular.
Guys should be big and jacked.
You should focus on a single sport or activity, and get as good as possible at it.
Everyone needs to stretch, lift weights, and eat clean.
It's impossible to have great strength, endurance, and mobility at the same time.
Go big or go home.
You should eat 5-6 small meals per day.
It works for me it should work for you too.....
These rules are not wrong nor bad but they don't work for everyone.The problem is when you go to the extremes on one of these rules.
One rule that nearly all of us follow, consciously or otherwise, is that the main reason to pursue an activity is to be successful at it. And while “success” is usually a lot more fun than the alternative, consider pursuing an activity based on what you might learn, or how you might improve from it.
Add some variety to your training. Have fun ! If you are a weight lifter, go to yoga. If you like cardio maybe try out a fitness class. Do these things not because you’ll ever be great at them, but because they might make you better at what you love to do.
I hope this post opens up some new possibilities for you. I want to challenge you to go out there and try something new !!

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