Saturday, March 12, 2016

So Your BIGGER now...

Hey guys !

I wanted to give you an update on everything cool going on! It's been a busy but great month. A lot of fun decisions were made and a lot of great opportunities are presenting themselves that have an amazing emotional return for me!

My goals are now finally DEFINED and ready to go! I made a huge decision to hold off on doing a show this year and I am refocused on something different that I feel means more to me than anything. The one thing I preach is "self-love" and in thinking about this message I hold to my heart, I asked myself if doing a show is really the best thing for me right now ? If you know me personally, you know that my drive comes from a different place. Sometimes I forget that I am human however, I want to make a difference for myself and those lives I impact. Doing a show is a great accomplishment for a blink of a moment. For ONE day you are in the spotlight and for the one second you look your absolute best. This is hard mentally and physically. I don't want to send a message to others that doing a show is for everyone to "feel" fit because in reality, it's not all about that. You train for 12 or more weeks then for one day your judged on apperance. No one cares what you did to get there, just that you look the best that day! For me performance is more important and I want to have my goals around that too.

Now moving forward, what are my goals?? This year I am embracing Power Lifting! YES the three big lifts of squats, bench, and deadlifts that make up the basis of my bodybuilding training but this gives me the opportunity to really get physically strong! I love training. I love lifting. I LOVE THE SPOTLIGHT! Part of the reason a show for me is fun is being highlighted by yourself. But the fun part about power lifting is getting under the weight and you make the lift or not. No one cares what you look like. Not that looking good isn't still in the sidelines. I have my second goal to compete in figure in 2017 in an all natural competition!

Now I am getting all the questions. Well why do you want to get "big"? Do you really want to look like a man? Your not going to be feminine anymore... Well here's the truth. I love training hard.I want my efforts to show through and most of all, BEING STRONG, is way better than being weak. Believe me I have been there before. I would take being "thick" any day knowing that I can lift, through, and push anything out of my way who doubts that I can do this !

In this industry you find friends who are JUST like you and some people who will be against you. The frinds you make lifting are the friends who understand that squatting sucks sometimes, the feeling a failing a lift and they understand that you are disciplined. The other people that don't train like you will find something to put you down for. Your obsessed about the gym, you are obsessed about food and you just do too much. That's all true. YES being obsessed about training is great and should be something to be proud of. Your circle of people might be small but they will be made up of incredible friends that you will keep your entire life.

There’s an old saying that the iron never lies. Weights are weights. There’s no cheating and no luck in strength sport. And as you progress, you amaze yourself in what you can do. Old limits are blasted away and new ones set. Before long, those new goals are old news too. You can do more than other people thought you could. And more than you realize.

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