Thursday, March 24, 2016

Slight throat punch for today! SHUT UP AND DO SOMETHING !

Do you need a positive change ? 

Here are two things to do:
SHUT UP and DO SOMETHING ! Yea sounds simple enough to do however did you ever realize that you might be the "cause" of your problem? We complain... A LOT! A gentle nudge doesn’t always get you moving in the right direction. Sometimes what you really need, is a forceful push and your in total luck because I am here to give that to you!

A lot of people come to me and they want me to "take it easy" on them as a coach and trainer. However, I am here to help you succeed and sometimes you need to go into the zone of uncomfortable to achieve that. There is a time and place to learn the fundamental movements and go easy, then once you can prove to me that your capable of moving forward I will encourage you to do more.

Far too many times, complaining takes precedence over training. 90% of it is mental and you have to be willing to push yourself for YOURSELF ! There are complaints and excuses that are intertwined together that have a cause and effect case on each other. We complain about things we have zero control over, like the weather. Why? We can groan and moan all we want but it won’t make the heat dissipate or the snow melt. But we also complain when we can influence the situation.

Let’s take some common complaints (several of my own included) people make on a daily basis and apply the two-step shut up and do something method.

You “don’t have time!” to do A, B, C, D, and definitely not E. Correction: What you mean is you choose not to make time to do those things. Remind me, again, the latest show you binge-watched on Netflix?
You don’t have time to work out. Yes you do. See above on choosing to make time. It’s true that you may not have time to work out four days per week for an hour each session, but you can do something. You may have to work out at home with bodyweight exercises or use minimalist-type routines that don’t take much time to complete.

You feel like crap and have low energy. Change your eating habits and move your body. Get your butt in bed earlier and wake up and hit the gym. You know these things are important. Shut up, and do them.

You hate being in debt. Cut luxury expenses and start paying off your debt. Learn to live below your means. Stop replacing things that work perfectly fine. Live simply !

You hate seeing other people get treated unfairly. Commit to leaving each person you interact with a little better than when you saw them. Speak up when people are being mistreated this an example of when you should not shut up.

The next time you start complaining ask yourself: What can I do to change this situation? If you can do something, do it. If you can’t, don’t complain because it’s out of your control.

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