Friday, March 18, 2016


HELLO my fit friends !!!

I know its been  way to long but I have been trying... really trying to set myself up for my vision for this year ! You know it has not been easy and I KNOW I am making the right choice for myself.  To much consideration and thoughts about my goals for myself have been planned out and I am ready to hit the ground running !

So if you have been following me a little bit on my Instagram @burdafitness_sara or my fitness blog as SaraBurda on facebook, you will see that I have now transitioned into Power lifting for training. WHAT ?? and WHY ?? Well here's the truth and Im not going to sugar coat it at all. I am HAPPIER doing power lifting. I enjoy lifting heavy and I enjoy challenging my mind and body. Training for performance is better than training to "look" good or fit into clothes. I was down that path before of working out to fit into things. Especially in life you hear that your "too" small ( when I did shows) or "too big", now that I'm putting on muscle. I'm "too" obsessed with training. No I am dedicated to myself and my passion. So what if I am "too" whatever, because someone will appreciate all my "too" much habits and benefit from them.

So back to the other reason which is a little more personal, BODY IMAGE,  SELF ACCEPTANCE, and SELF ESTEEM. I struggle with all three. First body image issues just suck. Feeling like your never good enough or look "small" enough are things that I really struggle with. Trying to fit into society of the though that skinny is more successful or will not endure criticism much, however that is NOT TRUE. No matter what, someone will have an issue with you and what you do, so why please any one but you? Which leads me to power lifting. I preach that strong is better than skinny so why am I trying to fight that ? Doing shows was my way of saying, hey I can restrict now and do endless cardio because I am "doing" a show.. Even though my mind was like haha fooled all of you that my eating disorder just came rolling back through. Instead of sugar coating this issue, I am now STOPPING it ! Show prep is an eating disorder for me. Power lifting is me empowering myself and my friends to be STRONG and CONFIDENT !

I may not have it all together. Training and not worrying about your body is HARD very hard. However, when I want to preach positive self acceptance and treating your body with respect yet I am not doing that, am I really setting a good example ? NO ! So that is why I have decided to train for performance, to lift heavy, to cut the endless cardio struggle, to over come an eating disorder that has consumed my life far too much and to become the best me I can!

In order to be helpful to others, I first need to help myself! And today is for all the girls who feel they are just "TOO" different... EMBRACE IT ! Only pigeons fly together, eagles soar on their own !


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