Saturday, March 26, 2016

B FIT ... To my strong and fierce females !

TO ALL MY LADIES ! A revolution is occurring where STRONG is making a huge impact on the females ! If you have never lifted weights before or you think they might seem intimidating, you might want to reconsider your thoughts! Strong women are EMBRACING the lifting life. It’s so much FUN to be a strong woman! Every day I preach and share the Word of the Barbell (and the dumbbell and the kettlebell). Sometimes you just need to get that feeling and then you will understand what I mean about feeling the weight of the bar on your shoulders and your able to squat it and get back up.. Talk about empowerment !

I want to share you what being strong means to me and maybe you will want to get under a bar too!

-It gives you a sense of accomplishment daily. When you train, you are progressing in some way. Whether you increased in reps or sets that is positive movement forward that you can see and feel immediately ! Strong women know that earning your strength is nothing to be ashamed of. You work hard for any muscle gain, so be proud of it!

-Lifting also builds your character. I know that training gives me a period of time to work on my weaknesses and my strengths. Some training days are going to be hard, other days will feel easy. Embrace the good and challenge the bad. Failure is good to an extent. You need to know how to fail at something to learn how to get better!

-Strong women EAT for FUEL and TRAIN hard. Stay away from thinking you need to "diet" and exercise. You need to eat and forget about "fitting" into a certain size. Strong not skinny. Your life is more fulfilling if you train for something specific. Be smart and eat what your body needs in order to do good things.

-IF you lift heavy enough, you might grunt! YES we all do it!! We might grunt when lifting, or swear when you miss a lift, you might even yell in joy when you get a PR. But rarely does a strong woman glide into the gym and out without someone noticing her energy, even if she didn’t say a word. There’s just something about a strong woman that turns heads.

-Embrace thick thighs! You lift, you train hard of course your going to have muscles that are bigger than other women. Just remember what those muscles can do. You can squat, deadlift, jump, sprint, and be completely mobile with ease. You earned those big, beautiful glutes! Be happy that your work paid off! And for others, we’re working on growing that posterior chain. But, for strong women of any shape, usually the last of your concerns are opinions about your buttocks.

-Too much muscle? NEVER ! Rarely, do I look in the mirror and think “my arms are too big” or “my quads are way too strong.I am learning to see my body for what it truly is: a marvelous machine that is the result of a lot of hard work in the gym and in life. Let the rest of society waste time debating what a “real woman” looks like. We are real women and we’ve got stuff to do.

-Training is HARD but it should also be FUN ! This mindset helps so much. Not every day is going to be lovely but being a strong woman, I don’t look at each training session as some form of punishment or a way to earn their food. On some level, strong women come to really enjoy training: the basic measure of oneself, the push, the pull, the lift, the practice, the testing of limits, the agony, the sweat, the joy—all of it. In many ways, training is just like life: it’s got the good parts and the bad parts and a whole lot of in-betweens.

-Most of all, we pick each other up and not put others down. In a society where there is a lot of shaming, strong women understand that its more important to help others out and encourage other women to be strong! Strength is EARNED not given so each step of the way is another success that should be celebrated! Strong women know that true strength is not selfish. Be the type of woman who is strong and ready to help others rise up !

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