Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Muscle Building Pyramid !

Muscle building pyramid ! Just like there is a food pyramid, muscle building also has a pyramid for training.This simple structure lays out the essentials of what you need to do to add lean mass to your frame, while also providing the structure you need to prioritize them.Each level of the pyramid builds off the next. What does this mean? You need to build a strong foundation and not get ahead of yourself trying to do more than what you are ready for.

So what is this pyramid ? On the bottom or the foundation is your training, followed by nutrition, then advanced training techniques and then recovery and rest on top.

Let's start at the bottom- Training. Muscle growth starts with quality training, so the base of the pyramid focuses on training variables linked to muscle-growth processes. These are the factors that allow you to construct an effective program and create the stimulus your body needs in order to change! Train at the right intensity. Exercise scientists have determined most people should train between 70-85 percent of their one-rep max to elicit an optimal hypertrophic response. Choose a weight that allows you to do 6-12 reps with good form before reaching failure.

Second is just as important- Nutrition. First what are your goals? Build muscle = eat more. Lose fat =eat less. If you are not eating enough you will not gain the size you are looking for. Just like if your overeating the weight loss will not happen quickly. Adjust your calories +/- 200-3000 for your goals around your maintenance calories. Check the scale regularly to determine whether your body weight is increasing within your target range.

You're training right and eating right. Great! You're on your way. Let's consider a few more factors that could make the difference between OK results and great ones.
The third tier is now to incorporate progressive overload. Progressive overload simply means continually challenging your body to new levels of performance as it adapts to previous marks you set before it. You can do it many ways: lifting more weight, doing more reps, resting less, performing different movements—the sky is the limit, really. The key is to never fall into a comfort zone and never stop pushing yourself.

Advanced techniques:
Forced reps: As you reach muscle failure, your partner steps in and provides with just enough assistance to keep the weight moving for another 2-3 reps.
Dropsets: Once you reach muscle failure, quickly reduce the poundage by about 25 percent, and immediately continue on with the set to a second point of muscle failure.
Negatives: Instead of lifting a weight, lower it slowly for 3-5 seconds. Your partner then lifts the weight back to the start position. This works because you're stronger lowering a weight than lifting it.

Finally rest !Don't let recovery's location all the way up at the top convince you it's not important! It's crucial to keep you coming back to the gym, feeling good, and preventing your training from hitting the wall. Don't shortchange your sleep. Sleep is far more than just rest. It's the time when your body releases hormones that enable you to heal from training and grow stronger. Most people need seven hours of quality sleep each night. Make this one of your highest priorities. Rest from exercise. Part of this is up to your programming, but part of it is up to you!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Balance to prevent Burnout !

The is a FINE FINE line between balance and burnout. We all experience these things in our life. From being overwhelmed at work then that overflows into your daily life. The one thing you DO have control over is what you do in terms of your training and keeping yourself healthy and happy doing it. Far too many times, people are 100% FULL throttle from the start for about 1 month (if they make it that long) until 1 of 2 things happens.
1- Injury
2- Burnout
Both of these things can send you two places backwards and not in the optimal place for linear growth. All coaches want their clients to improve in a linear fashion. Slow and steady! This will prevent injury and also prevent number 2 on the list witch is burnout. Burnout occurs for many people who do not allow themselves a break. Yes training is great, but too much of a good thing can also backfire. You need to make sure your paying close attention to your body and mind to reduce the stress of over training. Here are a few of the common signs that you might be heading into that direction with your training !
You repeatedly fail to complete your normal workout. I’m not talking about normal failure. I’m talking failure to lift the weights you usually lift, run the hill sprints you usually run, and complete the hike you normally complete. Regression. If you’re actively getting weaker, slower, and your stamina is deteriorating despite regular exercise, you’re probably training too much. However this isn’t the same as deloading. Pushing yourself to higher weights and failing at those is a normal part of progression, but if you’re unable to lift weights that you formerly handled with relative ease, you may be overtrained.
If losing fat was as easy as burning calories by increasing work output, overtraining would never result in fat gain – but that isn’t the case. It’s about the hormones. Sometimes, working out too much can actually cause muscle wasting and fat deposition. You’re “burning calories,” probably more than ever before, but it’s predominantly glucose/glycogen and precious muscle tissue. Net effect: you’re getting less lean. The hormonal balance has been tipped. You’ve been overtraining, and the all-important testosterone:cortisol ratio is lopsided. Generally speaking, a positive T:C ratio means more muscle and less fat, while a negative ratio means you’re either training too much, sleeping too little, or some combination of the two. Either way, too much cortisol will increase insulin resistance and fat deposition, especially around the midsection. Have you been working out like a madman only to see your definition decrease? You’re probably overtraining.
The odd genetic athlete could conceivably lift heavy, sprint fast, and engage in metabolic conditioning nearly every day of the week and adequately recover, without suffering ill effects. Most people who maintain such a hectic physical schedule will not recover (especially if they have a family and/or a job). Performance will suffer, health will deteriorate, and everything they’ve worked to achieve will be compromised.
The first way is to employ active rest. This term is thrown around a lot, but misunderstood most of the time. The operative word here is still REST. Going for a 5 mile run is not active rest. Going for a 5 mile walk would be. You want to avoid elevating your heart rate too much and definitely not put any serious strain on your joints or connective tissues. Light stretching, corrective exercise programs, low impact activities like biking or swimming… these would all be appropriate.
Another way to attack a de-load week is to play some sports for fun. Games that aren’t too hard on the body are ideal—think golf, large group volleyball, paddle boarding, playing h-o-r-s-e, etc. This is a way to keep your body moving, which is key, but not require it to dip into its energy reserves.
You need to give your body time to rest and recover to train at an optimal level ! Do not fear a de-load week, embrace it and do something fun with your time AWAY from the gym !

Monday, March 28, 2016

Beginner Lifting Advice !

Have you been training for less than 3 years? Yes, you are still a beginner lifter. IF your trying to learn how to become stronger, I would suggest that you learn proper form from a personal trainer or coach that can guide you through movement patterns. You have to build muscle if you ever hope to be strong and there is a best way to do that. You need to train for hypertrophy which is higher volume and more isolation to build a foundation for success for heavy compound movements.
Proper hypertrophy training will focus on:
-Barbell Movements
-Dumbbell Movements
-Cable Movements
-Machine Movements
-Isolation Movements
That order is important because it orders the movements from the most to least damaging to the muscle. Damaging? Yes, when you train you create "micro-tears" to your muscles which then repair and become stronger and bigger over time.
One advantage you have as a beginner is that you hopefully don’t have any bad habits you are new and its easy to be molded into good form. The sooner you can get yourself in front of experienced eyes, such as a personal trainer or coach, the better off you are. At the very beginning of your lifting career the most important thing you can do is train with high frequency as every day you don’t perform the lifts is a day you are forgetting how to do them. The worst thing you can do is be embarrassed to ask for help. Everyone started as a beginner and you should want to strive to excel at training if that is your goal.
Be patient, it takes time. Strength is a long game, not one that is conquered in a matter of weeks or months. The sooner that you can understand how to create a program for long term success and do the things that come along with that, such as proper nutrition, movement prep, and passive recovery, the more successful you will be.
Fatigue Management
Stimulus Recovery Adaptation
Phase Potentiation
Individual Differences
Those are the priorities, in order, for creating successful and sustainable programming whether you are an athlete entering the gym for the first time. A good coach understands this and understands how to manipulate these principles for athletes of different experience and ability levels, you should seek out a coach like this and get on a system of training that will allow you to manipulate the above priorities as your abilities evolve.
I work hard to help others achieve things they didn't think were possible. As long as you have a goal, I will do my best to get you there as long as you learn to trust the process. You are creating YOUR best self. If you do not know how to do this, you should seek out a professional such as myself who can help you! I am always here to help !

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Do you want to take your fitness to the NEXT level ?

Training hard but not seeing the results you want ? It's time for you to step it up and check out your nutrition!!! 

Macro coaching available !!!
*Increased endurance capacity 
*Optimal wellness 

All coaching plans include:

Macro plan and adjustments broken down into protein, carbs and fats for you to you pick the foods to fit your macro nutrient plan specific to YOU!
Detailed weight training programs and cardio prescribed to reach your goals.
Weekly Check-in’s-its up to you to check in each week on the day we decide !!!
1 day e-mail response and UNLIMITED  email questions.
Access to fitness / nutrition resources on my fitness blog 

contact me today!!! Let's get started on a journey to success ! 

Good Food vs. Bad Food... IT's a MYTH and read WHY !

Good food vs Bad food... Is there really a difference ? When it comes to food, “good” and “bad” are relative terms. Almost anything can be healthy, depending on the person and context. And if you have no food values, meal structure, knowledge, or routine, it doesn’t really matter whether kale is better than broccoli. However, there are foods that have more nutritional content than others such as the difference between pop tarts and fruit. Eating foods with a higher nutritional density are ultimately better for you but your body really doesn't say the pop tarts are bad so lets make them into fat.

Clients often ask me to list foods that are good and bad. I don’t like doing that. Assigning a moral value to food isn’t a healthy idea. Just like cheat meals. I prefer to say re-feeds because you are essentially giving your body more carbs and I always suggest to have an 80/20 rule. Good versus evil leads down a road that makes it impossible to enjoy any food.

Ask yourself if you have a certain food criteria to follow. Do you choose to eat organic? Do you label good vs. bad foods ? Do you tend to binge when you put a label on these foods? Do you follow a certain food restriction diet because of dietary needs or because of a fad? Does it fit into your life ?

You need to have an understanding of all of these criteria in order to find a plan that works for you and your lifestyle. It all boils down to having your priorities straight and committing to the diet you believe in. Decide if you truly believe in one approach, and get after it. Secondly, why are you eating foods that make you feel bad? Just because they are supposed to be healthy doesn't me you need to eat it. If broccoli makes you feel bloated, don’t eat it. You have so many options at the grocery store from all over the world. Broccoli may not be great for you specifically but other vegetables will be. Get creative, learn how to cook different foods in interesting ways, and listen to your body.

Forcing yourself to eat foods you dislike will only lead to bad choices in the future. Eating nothing but raw vegetables in the morning for the love of “detox” will lead to a big gallon of Ben and Jerry’s a few days later, believe me we have ALL been there. Raw vegetables are great in a salad, and Ben and Jerry’s is okay too, with a reasonable portion and if it fits into your macros for the day. Moderation is key in terms of long term success.

Lastly, consider the BIG picture when it comes to food quality.
If you find yourself asking the following questions: Are white potatoes or sweet potatoes better? Is it better to use pink salt or black salt? Is Greek yogurt healthier than regular yogurt? These questions are an immediate red flag that you are looking at the small details instead of your diet as a whole. Mix and match, be creative, and enjoy different foods depending on what mood you are in or what’s on sale or in season!

Stick to the basics of nutrition and learn to embrace creativity! You should enjoy eating and not be so concerned whether it's good or bad and more concerned about eating for high quality nutrition!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

B FIT ... To my strong and fierce females !

TO ALL MY LADIES ! A revolution is occurring where STRONG is making a huge impact on the females ! If you have never lifted weights before or you think they might seem intimidating, you might want to reconsider your thoughts! Strong women are EMBRACING the lifting life. It’s so much FUN to be a strong woman! Every day I preach and share the Word of the Barbell (and the dumbbell and the kettlebell). Sometimes you just need to get that feeling and then you will understand what I mean about feeling the weight of the bar on your shoulders and your able to squat it and get back up.. Talk about empowerment !

I want to share you what being strong means to me and maybe you will want to get under a bar too!

-It gives you a sense of accomplishment daily. When you train, you are progressing in some way. Whether you increased in reps or sets that is positive movement forward that you can see and feel immediately ! Strong women know that earning your strength is nothing to be ashamed of. You work hard for any muscle gain, so be proud of it!

-Lifting also builds your character. I know that training gives me a period of time to work on my weaknesses and my strengths. Some training days are going to be hard, other days will feel easy. Embrace the good and challenge the bad. Failure is good to an extent. You need to know how to fail at something to learn how to get better!

-Strong women EAT for FUEL and TRAIN hard. Stay away from thinking you need to "diet" and exercise. You need to eat and forget about "fitting" into a certain size. Strong not skinny. Your life is more fulfilling if you train for something specific. Be smart and eat what your body needs in order to do good things.

-IF you lift heavy enough, you might grunt! YES we all do it!! We might grunt when lifting, or swear when you miss a lift, you might even yell in joy when you get a PR. But rarely does a strong woman glide into the gym and out without someone noticing her energy, even if she didn’t say a word. There’s just something about a strong woman that turns heads.

-Embrace thick thighs! You lift, you train hard of course your going to have muscles that are bigger than other women. Just remember what those muscles can do. You can squat, deadlift, jump, sprint, and be completely mobile with ease. You earned those big, beautiful glutes! Be happy that your work paid off! And for others, we’re working on growing that posterior chain. But, for strong women of any shape, usually the last of your concerns are opinions about your buttocks.

-Too much muscle? NEVER ! Rarely, do I look in the mirror and think “my arms are too big” or “my quads are way too strong.I am learning to see my body for what it truly is: a marvelous machine that is the result of a lot of hard work in the gym and in life. Let the rest of society waste time debating what a “real woman” looks like. We are real women and we’ve got stuff to do.

-Training is HARD but it should also be FUN ! This mindset helps so much. Not every day is going to be lovely but being a strong woman, I don’t look at each training session as some form of punishment or a way to earn their food. On some level, strong women come to really enjoy training: the basic measure of oneself, the push, the pull, the lift, the practice, the testing of limits, the agony, the sweat, the joy—all of it. In many ways, training is just like life: it’s got the good parts and the bad parts and a whole lot of in-betweens.

-Most of all, we pick each other up and not put others down. In a society where there is a lot of shaming, strong women understand that its more important to help others out and encourage other women to be strong! Strength is EARNED not given so each step of the way is another success that should be celebrated! Strong women know that true strength is not selfish. Be the type of woman who is strong and ready to help others rise up !

Macro Friendly Protein Cake!


Hello my fitness friends !!

I came across an awesome recipe that is totally macro friendly and easy peasy to make ! I know that the dessert cravings hit hard and you don't want to ruin your diet so I want to give you an idea for a snack that you can eat ANYTIME !

Macro Friendly Protein Cake

1 scoop protein powder ( I used chocolate)
1 1/2 cup liquid egg whites or 8 egg whites if you do it the old fashion way like me :)
2 whole eggs
1/2 cup plain greek yogurt
1/2 cup coconut flour
1 tsp. baking powder
cinnamon to taste
2 packets of sweetener ( I used Truvia )
1 tsp. 100% coco powder

Pre heat oven to 350 degrees. Mix everything together in a big bowl. Use Pam for a baking dish and pour mix into the pan and put into oven for about 30 mins.

Let it cool and cut into 8 servings. Each serving contains the following macros:
90.5 calories 12.4 g Protein/ 5 g Carbs/ 2.5g Fat

You can top it with anything you like !!! ENJOY !

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Slight throat punch for today! SHUT UP AND DO SOMETHING !

Do you need a positive change ? 

Here are two things to do:
SHUT UP and DO SOMETHING ! Yea sounds simple enough to do however did you ever realize that you might be the "cause" of your problem? We complain... A LOT! A gentle nudge doesn’t always get you moving in the right direction. Sometimes what you really need, is a forceful push and your in total luck because I am here to give that to you!

A lot of people come to me and they want me to "take it easy" on them as a coach and trainer. However, I am here to help you succeed and sometimes you need to go into the zone of uncomfortable to achieve that. There is a time and place to learn the fundamental movements and go easy, then once you can prove to me that your capable of moving forward I will encourage you to do more.

Far too many times, complaining takes precedence over training. 90% of it is mental and you have to be willing to push yourself for YOURSELF ! There are complaints and excuses that are intertwined together that have a cause and effect case on each other. We complain about things we have zero control over, like the weather. Why? We can groan and moan all we want but it won’t make the heat dissipate or the snow melt. But we also complain when we can influence the situation.

Let’s take some common complaints (several of my own included) people make on a daily basis and apply the two-step shut up and do something method.

You “don’t have time!” to do A, B, C, D, and definitely not E. Correction: What you mean is you choose not to make time to do those things. Remind me, again, the latest show you binge-watched on Netflix?
You don’t have time to work out. Yes you do. See above on choosing to make time. It’s true that you may not have time to work out four days per week for an hour each session, but you can do something. You may have to work out at home with bodyweight exercises or use minimalist-type routines that don’t take much time to complete.

You feel like crap and have low energy. Change your eating habits and move your body. Get your butt in bed earlier and wake up and hit the gym. You know these things are important. Shut up, and do them.

You hate being in debt. Cut luxury expenses and start paying off your debt. Learn to live below your means. Stop replacing things that work perfectly fine. Live simply !

You hate seeing other people get treated unfairly. Commit to leaving each person you interact with a little better than when you saw them. Speak up when people are being mistreated this an example of when you should not shut up.

The next time you start complaining ask yourself: What can I do to change this situation? If you can do something, do it. If you can’t, don’t complain because it’s out of your control.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Leg day !

Todays workout! Now dont forget my goals are POWERLIFTING specific ! 

Squats 3 x 10  @ 65% 1 RM
Deadlifts 3 x 5 @ 70% 1 RM
Bench 3 x 10 @ 70% 1 RM 
Dumbbell lunges 4 x 10/leg
(ss) leg press 4 x 15 
Leg ext 4 x 12 
Leg curls 4 x 12 

Follow me on Instagram @burdafitness_sara for the video ~!

After a weekend of a lot of thinking,analyzing and planning.. Sometimes you realize you can't be good to anyone if your not good to yourself. Many years I've spent in dark dark place. The only quiet time is in the gym where my focus is on power and strength. Yet lately I have been picking a part myself even at the one place I find calm and serenity. I am understanding that mistreatment of your mind and body is just as addicting as a drug. At some point that addiction will take over your life and consume you. Knowing this is power and power of the mind to stop the internal battle of abuse. Each day is a step for me to regain control and that is what I intend to do. Many people don't get the struggle but just like any addiction it becomes "normal" to that person. Be kind. Be less judgmental. Most of all be forgiving with words and offer support to those around you. You never know the fight they are fighting.
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Friday, March 18, 2016


HELLO my fit friends !!!

I know its been  way to long but I have been trying... really trying to set myself up for my vision for this year ! You know it has not been easy and I KNOW I am making the right choice for myself.  To much consideration and thoughts about my goals for myself have been planned out and I am ready to hit the ground running !

So if you have been following me a little bit on my Instagram @burdafitness_sara or my fitness blog as SaraBurda on facebook, you will see that I have now transitioned into Power lifting for training. WHAT ?? and WHY ?? Well here's the truth and Im not going to sugar coat it at all. I am HAPPIER doing power lifting. I enjoy lifting heavy and I enjoy challenging my mind and body. Training for performance is better than training to "look" good or fit into clothes. I was down that path before of working out to fit into things. Especially in life you hear that your "too" small ( when I did shows) or "too big", now that I'm putting on muscle. I'm "too" obsessed with training. No I am dedicated to myself and my passion. So what if I am "too" whatever, because someone will appreciate all my "too" much habits and benefit from them.

So back to the other reason which is a little more personal, BODY IMAGE,  SELF ACCEPTANCE, and SELF ESTEEM. I struggle with all three. First body image issues just suck. Feeling like your never good enough or look "small" enough are things that I really struggle with. Trying to fit into society of the though that skinny is more successful or will not endure criticism much, however that is NOT TRUE. No matter what, someone will have an issue with you and what you do, so why please any one but you? Which leads me to power lifting. I preach that strong is better than skinny so why am I trying to fight that ? Doing shows was my way of saying, hey I can restrict now and do endless cardio because I am "doing" a show.. Even though my mind was like haha fooled all of you that my eating disorder just came rolling back through. Instead of sugar coating this issue, I am now STOPPING it ! Show prep is an eating disorder for me. Power lifting is me empowering myself and my friends to be STRONG and CONFIDENT !

I may not have it all together. Training and not worrying about your body is HARD very hard. However, when I want to preach positive self acceptance and treating your body with respect yet I am not doing that, am I really setting a good example ? NO ! So that is why I have decided to train for performance, to lift heavy, to cut the endless cardio struggle, to over come an eating disorder that has consumed my life far too much and to become the best me I can!

In order to be helpful to others, I first need to help myself! And today is for all the girls who feel they are just "TOO" different... EMBRACE IT ! Only pigeons fly together, eagles soar on their own !


Saturday, March 12, 2016

So Your BIGGER now...

Hey guys !

I wanted to give you an update on everything cool going on! It's been a busy but great month. A lot of fun decisions were made and a lot of great opportunities are presenting themselves that have an amazing emotional return for me!

My goals are now finally DEFINED and ready to go! I made a huge decision to hold off on doing a show this year and I am refocused on something different that I feel means more to me than anything. The one thing I preach is "self-love" and in thinking about this message I hold to my heart, I asked myself if doing a show is really the best thing for me right now ? If you know me personally, you know that my drive comes from a different place. Sometimes I forget that I am human however, I want to make a difference for myself and those lives I impact. Doing a show is a great accomplishment for a blink of a moment. For ONE day you are in the spotlight and for the one second you look your absolute best. This is hard mentally and physically. I don't want to send a message to others that doing a show is for everyone to "feel" fit because in reality, it's not all about that. You train for 12 or more weeks then for one day your judged on apperance. No one cares what you did to get there, just that you look the best that day! For me performance is more important and I want to have my goals around that too.

Now moving forward, what are my goals?? This year I am embracing Power Lifting! YES the three big lifts of squats, bench, and deadlifts that make up the basis of my bodybuilding training but this gives me the opportunity to really get physically strong! I love training. I love lifting. I LOVE THE SPOTLIGHT! Part of the reason a show for me is fun is being highlighted by yourself. But the fun part about power lifting is getting under the weight and you make the lift or not. No one cares what you look like. Not that looking good isn't still in the sidelines. I have my second goal to compete in figure in 2017 in an all natural competition!

Now I am getting all the questions. Well why do you want to get "big"? Do you really want to look like a man? Your not going to be feminine anymore... Well here's the truth. I love training hard.I want my efforts to show through and most of all, BEING STRONG, is way better than being weak. Believe me I have been there before. I would take being "thick" any day knowing that I can lift, through, and push anything out of my way who doubts that I can do this !

In this industry you find friends who are JUST like you and some people who will be against you. The frinds you make lifting are the friends who understand that squatting sucks sometimes, the feeling a failing a lift and they understand that you are disciplined. The other people that don't train like you will find something to put you down for. Your obsessed about the gym, you are obsessed about food and you just do too much. That's all true. YES being obsessed about training is great and should be something to be proud of. Your circle of people might be small but they will be made up of incredible friends that you will keep your entire life.

There’s an old saying that the iron never lies. Weights are weights. There’s no cheating and no luck in strength sport. And as you progress, you amaze yourself in what you can do. Old limits are blasted away and new ones set. Before long, those new goals are old news too. You can do more than other people thought you could. And more than you realize.

Monday, March 7, 2016

You are NOT defined by a NUMBER !

Your self-worth, beauty, strength, and overall awesomeness is not defined by numbers.

You are not the size of your jeans.

You are not the number of calories you eat each day.

You are not the percentage of body fat you carry at any given time.

You are not the number on the bathroom scale.

You are not the cup size of your bra.

You are not the circumference of your waist, glutes, or thighs.

You are not the weight on the barbell you pull off the ground or the dumbbell you hoist overhead.

While society may use these numbers in an attempt to indicate our worth as women or to paint a surreal picture of “perfection” we feel obligated to strive for, I’m here to proclaim that you are NOT a series of numbers. I will admit to this, I have a hard time with numbers. With fitting into a size or wanting a number on the scale.

Sure, we are human and have feelings and society needs to start diminishing the feelings around numbers and start looking at strength ! I had a hard time with the scale. No I HAVE a hard time with it. If the number on the scale was higher than what I wanted, my ENTIRE day was ruined. Is that stupid? Yes!The numbers don’t matter and they certainly don’t reflect your true beauty and self-worth.

Our self-worth, beauty, strength, and awesomeness is not defined by numbers. The revolution truly begins when we realize this truth. And when we do, then we are truly free to be the most awesome version of ourselves.

You need to stop letting "others" define you and your worth. Did you ever realize that life is going great until you see someone on Instagram and wonder what she has that makes her beautiful or unique? Did you ever look at you and wonder if others are looking at you thinking the exact same thing? Life has a funny way of going full circle. So before you start criticizing your legs, stomach and face.. someone out there is wishing they looked like you too !

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Be Cardiovascular Efficient !

Do you know how to become more efficient at cardiovascular training? You need to DO cardio ! There are a lot of common errors that people fall in the trap of when performing cardio that might be counter productive to your gains.
Follow these tips to avoid the common pitfalls to your training !
-Treating Running and Rowing Interchangeably
Substituting running for rowing or vice versa is no different than arbitrarily deciding to do back squats instead of deadlifts. Do they have similarities? Yes. Will they elicit some of the same adaptations? Sure. Beyond the most base levels of competence, will one make you better at the other? Almost certainly not.
Although both running and rowing are monostructural exercises, and are likely our two best tools for improving aerobic capacity, they are distinct skills which require specific training and specific adaptation. Substituting one for the other in the occasional endurance piece is acceptable but you need specific endurance training utilizing.Only switch if it's a necessity !
-Low intensity steady state training is still training.
I frequently see athletes treating their low intensity steady state work as “active recovery”. This is problematic for two reasons.
Firstly, it can lead to the athlete not taking their low intensity steady aerobic training seriously. It becomes “recovery” work, not a serious component of their athletic development. This is the second issue. Calling aerobic training “active recovery” isn’t precisely accurate. Aerobic metabolism does play an important role in an athlete’s recovery between training session. However, the process is not acute.
A low intensity aerobic session in and of itself may reduce acute soreness and stiffness, and the athlete may feel energized afterwards, but the extent to which it actually improves recovery is up for debate. Low intensity steady state training is still training. It’s purpose is to develop your aerobic capacity for purposes of improving your performance.
Not Working on Your Technique
Fitness sport athletes take their lifting technique seriously. Low bar or high bar squats? Sit back or sit straight down? Running and rowing in particular are given short shrift. This is a real shame, because a little bit of technical work goes a long way towards reducing risk of injury, improving efficiency, and maximizing return on investment. There are plenty of good resources available to help you with your running and rowing technique. Utilize them.
-Not Treating Energy Systems Programming Like Programming
Periodization, this paradigm shift towards well designed protocol is clearly visible in the way we approach weightlifting and strength training. But when it comes to energy systems training, the attitude often seems to be that just doing it is sufficient.
It is important to remember that fitness sport is, ultimately, an endurance sport. Yes, strength and power are very important, but your ability to apply strength and power in aerobic and glycolyic bioenergetic environments are going to play the larger role. If you are serious about developing those capacities, training for them must be approached every bit as seriously as your strength and power training. You must create sufficient overload to drive improvement, you must track your abilities, and you must understand the why behind every workout you do.
Reference: JTS