Thursday, February 4, 2016

Expectations... the difference between what's real and made up!

Let's start this off with a quote:

"Much of our unhappiness is created by the gulf between our expectations and our reality. Much of our suffering lies in the chasm:a chasm of suffering that does not have to exist."
-Strong Starts in the Mind

If you read that, think it through and really try to understand that YOU create the expectations. Problem is that we create this expectation for ourselves that taints our reality. We start to confuse what is REAL from what is just a belief we want to accomplish.

I deal with this. For me, I love the struggle. I love the challenge. If it's easy it's no longer worth it. I set very very high standards for myself. Those expectations then cause my suffering. The suffering that my beliefs SHOULD be achieved. Not only do I hold high beliefs for myself, but I find myself setting high standards for others. Standards that are unattainable in the "real" life but achievable in my expectations.

What happens when you create a belief and expectation about things that truly are not in your own control? You now created a place of suffering. I am guilty of this, even right now in this moment. I am setting an expectation of how I want to look for the competition I am doing  in Aug which is VERY far away with many variables that can happen in between.

When you start to focus on the future instead of the reality of NOW you are creating a hostile environment  that causes stress and suffering because you believe that you should have the future right now in reality.

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