Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Do you have performance anxiety ?

Do you have a mental mind block when training? Are you scared that you might fail? The pressure from those around you might just be a little too much?? Don't worry your NOT alone and this is sometime a big reason why people do not like to train in large group settings, it's the fear of looking like a beginner. Not that being a beginner is a bad thing! We ALL started somewhere :)  smile emoticon

In my own personal life, I know that I tend to get a case of the jitters when I have to perform a certain lift, get on stage or compete in a competition. It's natural, it's part of life. However for some that pressure mounts to TOO much and they crumble. Or this is the better example, you want to do it so perfect that you think about it so hard, and then can't perform. Your thinking just limited your potential !
In a situation where you start to choke, you might overthink what you are doing. You try to use explicit processing for something you know how to do automatically. Thinking gets in the way. We become conscious of patterns that are best served on automatic pilot. So to overcome the "choke" factor here are some tips in athletic performance.
- Practice the movement! Sometimes you think you are choking, but the problem is actually that we don’t have the full implicit process ingrained in memory.Until you have mastered a skill, it is likely that performing the movement will go back and forth between conscious and unconscious processes. Practice the movement thousands of times.
- Think about it MORE...Stop thinking about it” is actually bad advice. Trying not to think about a thought tends to make you more aware of it. It is like telling someone who is panicking to try to relax. You are making them more aware that they are not relaxed.
-Practice under pressure. Learn how it feels to be uncomfortable. Use this to your advantage and train under conditions that are difficult.
Simply allowing your body to move naturally is much better. By relying on implicit processes you go back to the muscle memory we know well. The one you practiced and engraved into your movement patterns. You will see that you are more successful and less nervous about performing this action if you are prepared !

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