Monday, February 29, 2016

Make the MOST out of your 24 Hours !

You might feel as if 24 hours in the day just is not enough. We are all given the same hours and same time frame. It's up to YOU to fit everything into those hours. I have few suggestions that can help you to be more effective and efficient.
Step 1. Make the time for things that are important. You wouldn't miss a doctors appointment so why are you missing the gym ? You need to make it a scheduled appointment with yourself and DO NOT CANCEL. If you want to see results, you need to remain consistent. So what if you can't fit in a full workout, you have endless resources for workouts at home. If you need some ideas please message me and I will give you workouts, motivation, and support !

Step 2. Involve those around you and surround yourself with like minded people. You need to feel the support around you in order to be successful. Without this support, you might fall into the trap of stopping because you are not following the crowd of people. Be the outsider and be the leader, others will eventually follow !

Step 3. Make healthy meals for everyone in your family! Part of living the healthy lifestyle is actually living it. You need to prepare meals that are healthy for you and your family. This creates a great environment for success and to improve your life and longevity. Make sure to have healthy options available and ready to eat. Being prepared is better than having no options at all.

Step 4. Become a role model for others. You should be choosing to live a life others want to follow. You are capable on making the world a better place.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Boost your GYM Performance !

If you want to become a better and more fit person, there are three things you need to have good control over: Your training, your diet and your recovery. Many if not most people skip recovery, I am one of them.. frown emoticon I know how it effects my training when I skip it, my performance suffers. Proper recovery plays a large role in reaching our fitness goals. Whether you’re over training or have just been hitting the gym harder lately, we can all benefit from better sleep, better nutrition and more stretching/mobility work.
Here are some 5 unusual tips for recovery that you can start to incorporate today!
-Listen to music ! Listening to “slow” music immediately post-workout can slow your heart rate, help your blood pressure recover and put your body in recovery mode quicker than not listening music.
-Drink tart cherry juice. Not only is it great for heart and digestive health, drinking cold cherry juice regularly can help improve post exercise soreness. Additional studies indicate that tart cherry juice can also improve sleep quality and duration by boosting levels of melatonin. Since we know that getting adequate sleep is crucial to proper recovery, weight management, and just about everything else, we think it is a no brainer to use regularly.
-Eat both carbs and protein post workout. Most everyone knows to drink a protein shake but did you know that eating protein and carbs before your workout might be just as important to your progress? Studies show that elevated levels of insulin and amino acids in your system from carb and protein intake during your workouts improves muscle performance.
-Skip the post workout cocktail if your going out. Studies show that post-exercise alcohol can impede progress in the gym. However, it should be noted that low levels of alcohol consumption should not affect your progress significantly. What does this mean for you? If your planning on going out on the weekend and having several drinks, it’s best to not exercise right before you go out, or even that day if you want your workout to be beneficial. Keep the drinks in moderation when you’re on a strict workout program.
-Take a power nap.. no really ! Studies show that daytime naps have a potential role as a valuable recovery tool after exercise. Hit the gym hard in the morning or at lunch? Take a quick power nap before you return to work.
In addition to the usual recovery methods we’re all familiar with, try giving some of these a shot and see if they help improve your performance!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Do you have performance anxiety ?

Do you have a mental mind block when training? Are you scared that you might fail? The pressure from those around you might just be a little too much?? Don't worry your NOT alone and this is sometime a big reason why people do not like to train in large group settings, it's the fear of looking like a beginner. Not that being a beginner is a bad thing! We ALL started somewhere :)  smile emoticon

In my own personal life, I know that I tend to get a case of the jitters when I have to perform a certain lift, get on stage or compete in a competition. It's natural, it's part of life. However for some that pressure mounts to TOO much and they crumble. Or this is the better example, you want to do it so perfect that you think about it so hard, and then can't perform. Your thinking just limited your potential !
In a situation where you start to choke, you might overthink what you are doing. You try to use explicit processing for something you know how to do automatically. Thinking gets in the way. We become conscious of patterns that are best served on automatic pilot. So to overcome the "choke" factor here are some tips in athletic performance.
- Practice the movement! Sometimes you think you are choking, but the problem is actually that we don’t have the full implicit process ingrained in memory.Until you have mastered a skill, it is likely that performing the movement will go back and forth between conscious and unconscious processes. Practice the movement thousands of times.
- Think about it MORE...Stop thinking about it” is actually bad advice. Trying not to think about a thought tends to make you more aware of it. It is like telling someone who is panicking to try to relax. You are making them more aware that they are not relaxed.
-Practice under pressure. Learn how it feels to be uncomfortable. Use this to your advantage and train under conditions that are difficult.
Simply allowing your body to move naturally is much better. By relying on implicit processes you go back to the muscle memory we know well. The one you practiced and engraved into your movement patterns. You will see that you are more successful and less nervous about performing this action if you are prepared !

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Become a savage, destroy the inner evil !

There is a long long journey that I am creating. One that is both beautiful, scary and different all wrapped into an amazing series of events that help shape the woman I am today. At times, doubt overcomes me. Insecurities tend to replay in my mind. Thoughts of being "not enough" are demons I face EVERY DAY. I call it a demon because although they are not seen, they are heard. Heard in the silence of the night or the little voice that claims my energy when I need it the most. It's hard to admit it, it's hard to place myself in a vulnerable position to say all of this out loud but my voice needs to be heard as someone will be out there who NEEDS to hear these words to calm their mind.

I have created a life that I enjoy. One that I learn to thrive in. My heart and soul is devoted into the lives of people. To see success. To be there for any failure. To keep motivation alive when hope is lost. I know that in my life, I learned to make a circle of influence that makes me BETTER ! A group of support, of love and of selfless compassion that is there for anything. Many days are for positive reminders that I too am doing well. Other days I lend out my words of encouragement of support. When you surround yourself with people you WANT to be like, you will  not fail. You might stumble on your path but you will know that you have a group of people who sincerely have your back. \

There is an overwhelming sense of shame going on in life today. 


  • a feeling of guilt, regret, or sadness that you have because you know you have done something wrong
  • : ability to feel guilt, regret, or embarrassment
  • : dishonor or disgrace

I could go on and on with this topic because I have personally been INFECTED with shame.  I say Infected because shame is a poison I allowed to penetrate many areas of my life. It's allowing the influence of others take that rule over my thoughts. Then those people start to take over those demons in  my mind creating fictitious thoughts of "what if" and making me forget the real passion and reason behind what I do, A lot of shame resides in the hard truth that I am a female that is HUNGRY for more. I do not accept a weakness. I make my weaknesses points of strength. I have a group of support that pick me up when I struggle the most. Those who understand the passion and heart behind it. And even on days when I feel like giving up, I always come back to the reason I do what I do.  Want to know the secret ? How I remain focused and motivated ? Here is it .... 

I train because it's a place of personal development and growth. I see limitless potential of what I am capable of accomplishing. A limit cannot be placed on me in the gym. There is failure, there is growth, there is a sense of success. Goals are always recreated then destroyed by creating new personal bests. I am able to channel my anger, fears, anxiety and heart in training. It's my place of ultimate peace of mind. I feel nothing.. The world is not around me and I am finally at peace. The noise in my head is quiet. It's just me in my element. At total peace. 

For me this works. I am content with being questioned for what I do. I am ok with not following the norm. And most of all, those who really support me will be there to back me up in any situation. For that I thank my inner circle of people who love and care about me and understand the passion, pain and purpose behind my love of fitness.

helping people reach their fullest potential is important to me. I want to help be a part of someones circle of support and encouragement when it's needed the most ! 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

What Motivates YOU ?

So today I want to talk about something very very important. This is the question of motivation, the question that you really need to sit and ask yourself.

Do you have an answer to this question? 

What motivates YOU? I want you to really think about this on a deeper level. 

What are you trying to achieve? 

What GOALS do you have and want to accomplish?

What are you WILLING to give up to get you there ?

Some of these questions are easy to answer. Some questions will take thought and most of all are you ready to really jump into it and achieve those goals? How realistic is it and are you going to go the lengths to get there if you really want it?

What is motivation? Motivation is that driving force which allows you to achieve your goals and go after what you want in life. If you want to change your personality for the better, get a promotion at work, start a new habit, be a better person who is part of the community,all of these things would be easier accomplished if you are properly motivated.

How to get motivated, step number one is to find your WHY ? Why do you want to accomplish this? What is it that you are trying get out of this goal? Is it going to be long term and sustainable? Does it make you a better person ?

Next is to set some goals ! My suggestion is to get a journal. Every single day plan out your day, hour for hour. Fill it with productive things and goals that you need to achieve daily to reach your overall goal.

Now just block out the negative committee that seems to try to distract you from your goals. If you tend to slack on working out because its later on in the day and "life" gets in the way, find a way to get up early and get it done. Don't make an excuse, create action ! 

How can you find your motivation? Find people who are HIGHLY motivated around you! Find people that support your goals. Look to people who have expert knowledge in the goals you are trying to achieve. Don't allow someone to take your goals away from you. You are the creator of your own habits. You have the ability to have great success if you are willing to put your mind into it ! 

Love, hugs, and happy training !


Sunday, February 14, 2016

You are Special .. remember that !

You are beautiful, yes you are. Just the way you are right now in this moment. For a LONG time, I tried to understand why I didn't feel like I fit in. Knowing that your beauty comes from within YOU is important. No one can take that away from you. You have to wake up every day loving yourself. Being able to look into the mirror and be proud of you and what you have accomplished.

Life is hard enough, why are you so hard on yourself? There are so many stereotypes out there. To be skinny, tall, long hair, blonde. blue eyes. Not to mention, no visible flaws, to have the perfect outfit, to have the right shoes and purse. Makeup that hides any small imperfection. You have to be happy on the outside even if your heart is sad and you feel lost or like giving up.

I wish I can tell you that this is any easy thing to just wake up one day and shake out of it. To be able to stand in front of the mirror 100% confident of who you are today. I want to be able to say I can do that too, however I can't. I see flaws,  A LOT of them. I see imperfection. I see doubt and fear of failure. I smile because I choose to try to overcome it, but the pain remains inside. I fight to make peace with myself daily. I compromise and talk myself into things. I try mantras, I try self love books, videos and even meditation.

I want to help others with the struggle of feelings of being inadequate. If it's one thing I know, no matter what we can choose our identity. We can choose who we are. Others have no power over that they just have opinions. Our minds are the gateway to what and how we think. The mind is a trained tool. What we learn we can also unlearn and create other pathways to shape our thoughts. You can train your mind to love yourself. For every negative, speak 2 kind words to yourself.

I have a passion, a vision and a goal. To make the world a more beautiful place. To help others overcome their fears.To encourage others to see the beauty they have inside. To feel beautiful no matter what. TO LOVE YOURSELF  UNCONDITIONALLY  and to share that love to others !

If you have not seen this video please watch this, share it and listen to the words. Sometimes a song speaks to you. This one brought me to tears. It made 100% sense and it was a beautiful reminder that we are beautiful in all our imperfections and flaws !

Friday, February 12, 2016


What you eat is none of anyone else's business! One of the BIGGEST pet peeves of mine is when people who "think" they understand nutrition and eating healthy decide to push that way of thinking onto you. You might think you are helping someone out by offering good nutritional advice, but until you fully understand the full foundation of nutrition as well as how it responds to your body in training, you should allow that person to seek someone with more experience.

Here is why you should keep YOUR diet and what you eat to yourself because it may come off as ignorant to others who may not understand nutrition.

-We all have a different physiology. You do not know their internal body functions such as hormones, metabolic rate, age, genetics and activity levels. ALL of these things play into your nutrition. That is why what works for one will not necessarily work for someone else. First ask yourself this: Do you know how your body reacts to carbohydrates? Increased training? Do you look better with more fats in your diet or less? What is your caloric intake? If you can't answer that for yourself, don't preach it to others!!

-Goal. Point blank.. do you know your goals? Do you want to build muscle? Lose weight? Be more metabolically fit? Does your nutrition match your goals? Do you even know this for yourself? To meet different aspirations for fitness, body composition and competition, you have to eat according to your goals. Their are a mix of domains from powerlifters, weightlifters, bodybuilders and CrossFitters who train together in the same facility. How do you know what "look" or goal they are trying to obtain? Each and every fitness domain has a way of eating to support goals in the gym. If you are eating for a powerlifitng meet or bodybuilding competition, you will NOT be eating in excess. Most of the time you will be in a deficit! So remember that you might not know what someone is trying to achieve !

-Values. Believe it or not there are people out there who train to have fun and just don't have a desire to compete for anything. For all the focused competitors with year-long plans to meet specific goals, such as doing a bodybuilding show, powerlifting or qualifying for regionals, there is a specific outcome they are trying to reach. However, there are people who turn up just to relax, have fun, and work out. Those people will not need to have a strict meal plan or even care what they look like. The way they live and eat wouldn’t work for you and the likelihood is the way you live and eat wouldn’t work for them, either.

For those of you willing to take on the challenge, dieting is still hard. No one wants to put themselves through it without an endorsed guarantee that they will get the results they're looking for. That’s where qualified nutritional coaches come in or wellness / lifestyle coaches such as myself can help you reach those goals. But understand this does not mean your revelation will hold true for your unsuspecting victim. People ask for help, and can only be helped if they want it. Discovering what works for them with their own agency is fundamental to individual empowerment and the success that follows.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Battle Rope Training !

One of my FAVORITE exercises is using battle ropes especially at the end of my shoulder training day ! The concept of using battle ropes as fitness equipment was pioneered by John Brookfield. He discovered that by maneuvering the ropes in a variety of both linear and circular motions, it created a peak heart rate in the athlete. Today, battle ropes are commonly used for high intensity interval training to develop power and explosiveness, as well as anaerobic and aerobic endurance.
There are tons of benefits to using ropes in your training, but here are 5 good ones:
1. Improved Cardiovascular Capacity
The high intensity, high-speed movements will get your heart rate high and increase your cardiovascular capacity very quickly.
2. Maximum Caloric Burn
When small muscles have to do big work it drives up caloric expenditure fast. With the forearms, biceps, triceps and shoulders moving at a high speed under tension you will burn a lot of calories in a short period of time.
3. Improved Body Composition Changes
Ropes will help you burn fat and build muscle at the same time. Add in the EPOC (Excessive Post Oxygen Consumption), aka “after burn”, you get from this versatile tool, and you will be burning more calories even after your workout is over.
4. Improved Timing & Coordination
Rope training is guaranteed to improve timing and coordination, which can help you in your sport and in daily life. Add jumps, shuffles, kneeling, and moving backwards and forwards into your rope training, and it becomes a full-body functional workout.
5. Improved Mental Toughness
When it comes to making gains and getting results, never underestimate the importance of mental toughness. An intense workout using battle ropes will test your mental willpower without running your body into the ground.
Working for longer than 30 seconds usually leads to form breakdown, so shorter work periods are going to be more affective. For example, 20-30 seconds of maximum effort and intensity is better than 60 seconds or more with improper form. Keep the intensity high, and the work and rest times low.
Tips for using ropes:
• Keep your core tight the entire time
• Move through the shoulders, relax your arms
• Use short, quick movements
• Aim for quality over quantity
• Don’t forget to breathe!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Love yourself ... TODAY !

Ask yourself this question: Are you comfortable in your own skin at this moment right now?

If your answer is yes, please share how you developed this confidence. If your answer is no, which 99% of us it is, I want to tell you how you can become more confident in this moment right now!

Society can take a HUGE hit on our self worth and our perception of ourselves. I too have this issue and I wish that I can say that I feel 100% confident, but I don't either. Learning that we are ALL IMPERFECT is key and learning that what you are right now is beautiful !

You ARE beautiful ! I know it doesn’t feel that way all time. “Beautiful?” But you are. My guess is that the people around you see your beauty. However we choose to ignore that! Borrow their eyes if you need to, and make a mental adjustment. You are beautiful.

Just remember that what you think is a flaw, someone else is wishing they had right now in this moment. You might want to change how you look but don't forget, there are other people out there who are wishing for what you have right now. Be greatful !

Take that negative self talk and turn it to positive words of encouragement for yourself! Try this instead: Find one good thing to say about a part of your body that you don’t like. If you don’t like your thighs, think about it this way:“It helps me to squat more.” If you don’t like your stomach, think “It was a soft place for my baby to nap.” Use anything you can. The trick is to stop disparaging and start appreciating. You can’t change your body as quickly as you can change your mind. Take advantage of that opportunity.

Happiness looks good on everyone. Find out how to be truly happy, and your body image will improve too. As Eckhart Tolle writes in “The Power of Now”, “If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.”

No one has avoided body image issues all of her life. We all struggle at some point. You have company. Talk to other people. Seek out the ones who have light in their eyes and seem to be really enjoying life. They can help you see that you are beautiful and that you can and should enjoy life !

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Expectations... the difference between what's real and made up!

Let's start this off with a quote:

"Much of our unhappiness is created by the gulf between our expectations and our reality. Much of our suffering lies in the chasm:a chasm of suffering that does not have to exist."
-Strong Starts in the Mind

If you read that, think it through and really try to understand that YOU create the expectations. Problem is that we create this expectation for ourselves that taints our reality. We start to confuse what is REAL from what is just a belief we want to accomplish.

I deal with this. For me, I love the struggle. I love the challenge. If it's easy it's no longer worth it. I set very very high standards for myself. Those expectations then cause my suffering. The suffering that my beliefs SHOULD be achieved. Not only do I hold high beliefs for myself, but I find myself setting high standards for others. Standards that are unattainable in the "real" life but achievable in my expectations.

What happens when you create a belief and expectation about things that truly are not in your own control? You now created a place of suffering. I am guilty of this, even right now in this moment. I am setting an expectation of how I want to look for the competition I am doing  in Aug which is VERY far away with many variables that can happen in between.

When you start to focus on the future instead of the reality of NOW you are creating a hostile environment  that causes stress and suffering because you believe that you should have the future right now in reality.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Reasons WHY you should stay away from obesity !

Let's have a real moment with ourselves. Losing weight has many "reasons". Most of those reasons are vague and vanity stricken. But if you took that out of the equation such as your answer can not be: I want to look good, I want to weigh____, or I want to be healthy.. what reason would you have to lose weight?
I feel if more people understood the impact weight and obesity has on your body, more people would come to terms with the fact they simply just want to be healthier. There are so many statistics out there about diseases that can cause you to live a shorter life, the need to be skinny or to be uber fit that causes this idea that being healthy takes a lot of work and time... but who has time??
I want to take the time to point out 5 things that should concern you when thinking about losing weight.
#1- Osteoarthritis
-This is a degenerative joint disease, in which we lose cartilage and gradually destroy the bones of our joints.
Imagine two rocks grinding together and you get the idea of how fun that is. In my experience, healthy people don’t think much about osteoarthritis because it’s common. Aging makes it more likely.
Like most chronic illnesses, osteoarthritis is a vicious cycle.
Your joints hurt, so you move less.
Moving less means your joints don’t get loaded.
Less joint loading means muscle weakness.
Muscle weakness means force doesn’t get cushioned correctly.
Less cushion means the condition worsens.
More osteoarthritis means means more pain.
The point? Obesity makes it much more likely that you’ll get osteoarthritis.
#2-You’ll get a good night’s sleep.
Think of what happens when a rockslide blocks a tunnel.
That’s sleep apnea: The upper airway collapses while you sleep, cutting off that oxygen tunnel.Just so you know, sleep apnea is more than a little snoring.Sleep apnea means you stop breathing. Over and over and over. As you sleep. Which is bad. More body fat means more potential for sleep apnea. This comes from a few combined factors:
Fat in your airway narrows the space available. This makes your airway more prone to collapsing.
Fat in your upper body puts weight on your lungs and reduces the space available to them. You need more oxygen but you can’t get it as well.
Sleep is a major regulator of our metabolism. If our sleep is bad, so is our metabolic health.
This means things like elevated inflammation, rapid cell aging and oxidation, and hormonal disruption and a, higher risk for all kinds of nasty chronic diseases in the long term.
#3-You’ll actually start to taste your food.
This may sound weird, but it seems that people who struggle with their weight don’t taste food as well. This is an issue of:
“wanting” tastes: seeking and craving the reward of tastes
“liking” tastes: actually enjoying tastes
chemical signaling: how taste is created in the mouth and interpreted by the brain
So there seems to be a relationship between:
excess body fat;
wanting and liking fat / sweet foods and pleasant tastes;
eating fat / sweet foods; and
avoiding unpleasant tastes.
Obese people have altered taste perceptions leading to eating more and eating more of the wrong foods. By losing weight you’ll end up craving less high-sugar and high-fat food. You might even enjoy and extra veggie or two.
#4-Your immune system will work properly again.
-Fat is an active endocrine organ. That means it secretes hormones and cytokines (cell signaling molecules). Hormones and cytokines have effects throughout the body. They “talk” to one another chemically. Like all things, balance is important. If we have a healthy amount of fat, our hormones and cell signals work properly. If we have too much, things go wrong.
Increased BMI and more body fat is associated with greater risk for several kinds of infections including:
gum infections,
nose and sinus infections,
stomach infections, and
herpes (thankfully, the mouth kind).
Too much adipose (fat) tissue can release large amounts of immune chemicals. Over time, this chronic high exposure can interfere with the body’s ability to spot and stop actual outside infections.
#5-You’ll survive surgery
People with a lot of body fat:
are harder to intubate,
have a higher risk of incisional hernia post-laprascopy
have a longer operation time,
have a higher risk of catheter site infection, and
have a higher rate of serious postoperative complications.
Surgery is a risky business for people who are obese.
Every surgery patient wants a safe and speedy recovery. Having a healthy range of body fat makes those happy outcomes much more likely.