Saturday, January 16, 2016

Follow you heart !

Happy Saturday to you all ! Let's do a fun update on what has been going on! First off my training is going AWESOME ! I am currently training for a show in August of this year for women's physique and within 3 months of hitting it hard, my body is not only changing but adjusting better than before. It's always a nerve wracking process because you don't know what your body is capable from show to show. It's exciting but slightly terrifying in the same token.

Learning about how your body reacts and responds to your diet and training is worth all the efforts when you SEE the physical changes ! I am totally ready for this process to unfold into something great ! One thing I do want to say is that people can be mean and well down right ugly when you are doing something that is "different". No matter what, always take a second to just think about what you are saying before you say it. We are all human and we all have feelings. Which brings me to the quote I put on this post. This has so much meaning to me in so many ways. In my life I always was concerned with what people thought of me. Then I would stop doing the things I loved because i wanted to just fit in with everyone and not be different.

Looking back, I am DIFFERENT.I am UNIQUE and I am more than mediocre. For a lot of my life I always did the things that were different along with wanted to be an outsider. I like having the "questionable" factor of what I am doing, how I am able to do what I do.. and the most obvious one, that I can't be a natural competitor with muscle. OF course I am natural and this is why I even made the decision to stop eating meat because it's loaded with chemicals. Which now takes me to a new level of "oddball"! Not only am I female bodybuilder but i am doing it in a non conventional way. And you know what ... That's OK with me!

Like the quote states: I would rather die trying than just live my life in a safe and stable place !

What are you going to do today to make you an ODDBALL ? Challenge the norm and go for where your heart leads !

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