Thursday, January 7, 2016

A little bit of Confidence goes a long way !

What is preventing you from living the life that you dream of? What is stopping you from taking a risk, moving to a new city, starting your own business, taking on a fitness challenge? Why do you just settle? Our minds seem pre-programmed to tell us to play it safe, to not take chances, to not put ourselves out there. It is a sort of survival instinct, like we are conditioned to survive, but not thrive. When you step back and analyze who you are and what defines you, are you genuinely happy with what you see?

Personally this has happened to me FAR too many times. I chose to take the safer route and not take a risk that can induce failure. In the moment playing it safe is ok but does it get you to where you want to be ? Most of the time we sit up thinking and wishing our lives could be different. So why are you not making the effort to do that ?This concept is really important to me because I have let myself down over and over again. What do we get in return from playing is safe? Do we ever truly experience happiness?

By never reaching outside the box are you really reaching your full potential to live? Life is about experiences and they can be good or bad. The ones that we remember are the ones that you take as a risk to try something new. Sure it's scary. Yes you might fail but what if you don't? What if that risk was the opportunity you were seeking out? It all stems from a desire to be something more. To accomplish great things and to keep pushing for what you beleive you deserve. Don't let anyone stand in your way and most of all don't allow others to say no to YOUR dream. Part of it is confidence.

For me this lack of confidence has always been with me to some degree. You see, I always felt average. I never felt like I was the worst at anything, but never felt really great at anything either. This was not a mindset to live with. It prevented me from taking more chances sooner. Looking back on things I could have used as opportunities, I feel like I let them just pass me by all because I didn’t believe in myself.

Once I competed in bodybuilding, I developed a new sense of confidence. This is not to be mistaken for arrogance, as I realize that I am simply one person trying to be an effective advocate for compassionate living, but I was no longer going to let my doubts decide what I can and cannot do. This confidence has snowballed in that it has allowed me to take more chances.

Our lives are in our control. We should of course accept what we cannot change, but we must become clear on what we can. Once we acknowledge that we can change something, we should put everything we have into creating those changes. If you want to go vegan, do it! If you want to get in the best shape of your life, do it! If you want to inspire others to go vegan, then do it! No more excuses. Now is the only moment we truly ever have. Take this moment and that confidence and live the life you have always wanted. This is your only chance.

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