Thursday, December 24, 2015

The truth behind it all!

There is a time and place that your life shifts dimensions and you start to understand the path and journey that you are on. My life has been a pathway of ups,downs, sticky situations, and some success along the way with  A LOT of mistakes that shaped me the way that I am. Most importantly, I learned many valuable lessons. Met a crazy amount of inspirational people. Learned about myself and started recreating my life from the inside out.

Knowing my journey and about how my life was shaped because of it, makes me who I am today. There are many times that the journey was questioned, tested, and sometimes I resented a lot of things I have gone through. However, every little bump in the road has led to a little milestone and every door that closed opened 2 more in my path. I am certain that I am on the path that God intended for me and as I grow through my experiences, trusting the path is better than trying to figure it out on your own.

I am truly happy where I am right now as an athlete and coach. I have created a position in my life where I can really help other people and see amazing changes every day. There is nothing better than someone telling you they are improving. Funny thing is that each person is doing that by themselves and all it takes is me to be there so they see how amazing and capable they are. I find that the hardest times in life come from when you feel like you are alone, lost, and vulnerable. As a coach, mentor and friend, I feel it's more my responsibility to be there as a reminder that they have a special place in this world, they are important to many other people, and that they have abilities deep inside themselves they never knew existed. Sometimes all you need is someone to have just a smidge of faith, love, and support for all of that to pour out of people.

I am grateful for every person I am able to come in contact with. I want to be the friend, support and strength for others when they feel like they don't have one. I know how that feels.I have been in that spot MANY times. Which is why the love of lifting holds a place in my heart. I have always felt like the outsider. I love everything about pushing capabilities. I enjoy training, sweating and feeling like I can conquer the world. Bodybuilding has given me that sense of confidence. A meaning for my training. A way to channel my thoughts, fears, hopes, and dreams. It's a place that life has NO limits. I am there for me as my sanctuary of peace. I hope that others can find their place within themselves. There is no greater feeling than being able to feel vulnerable and safe in one spot in your life.

My passion for fitness, health, and helping people is what I am meant to do with my life. My job as a coach is what I LOVE. I will always be a coach and mentor. I want to help others in their life. I want to see success in ALL aspects of the lives of others. My only request is that you find that passion deep inside of you for something more.. thats what this is all about. You never do things in life without a reason. There is always  a WHY !!! Find your why, find your purpose and most of all know that anytime you feel like your alone there is someone out there already standing by your side to pick you up and show you that your more than capable of everything life throws your way !!!

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