Friday, December 4, 2015

Strong is the NEW skinny!

Strong is the new skinny as loving your body for what it can DO vs. how it looks is the new shift that the fitness world is taking on by storm.This is an excellent shift to how we view ourselves but there has to more of a correlation between the physical aspect of loving your body and how the mind works along with it !
From a young age we are conditioned to believe that in order to be successful you must be attractive physically.This tends to have a huge impact on how we view ourselves in life. Since the media has the biggest influence on "what" society feels we should look like, there tends to have this pressure of conforming to this norm.
The body acceptance movement has a great impact on showing women of all different shapes and sizes that being confident is more than skin dep. However, it can be impossible to embrace and force this upon yourself if you really don’t like your body. That is because you can’t love your body if you only see your body as the limiting factor.
Your body-esteem only represents a small percentage of your self-esteem, however they tend to become wrapped up into one thought process. The way we feel about ourselves is tied to the way we feel about our body. More often than not, when we are feeling dislike for a particular area of our body, we are actually experiencing some other kind of issue that we are channeling onto our body. Things such as stress, shame, guilt, fear, anger, insecurity and any other emotion or self-deprecating thought all manifest into us hating our bodies, when in fact they have nothing to do with our body.
When you feel bad about your body, this is a side effect of something else going on. It’s actually not about your body. This is why focusing on “loving your body” in the absence of seeing the bigger picture is not effective. It's easy to deflect your problems to your body because it's easier to just blame yourself. It’s much easier to cut back on carbs and calories or get your hair done than address self-esteem issues, relationship or career troubles, and generally difficult emotions. However, if you neglect to see this distinction and ignore the core issues, you will never be able to truly love your body. You will be treating the symptom and not the root cause.
The first step is awareness of the separation between body-esteem and self-esteem and making an effort to decode your feelings about your body. Use these feelings as an opportunity to investigate what other areas of your life need attention. Take a look at what events have happened recently or are about to happen. When you can see the true source of your negative body feelings, then you can begin to foster compassion, forgiveness, and change in these areas of your life.

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