Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Some days .....

Did you ever feel like some days in life are just easier than others? Every once in a while I get a day from hell where I just feel like the world is against me. However, I know that I can make an issue out of anything so I try to keep rational. But goodness when life is throwing lemons it's hard to make sweet lemonade without sugar!!!

Learning about myself and my character is always a challenge. I find it hard to be "easy" on myself when I can be over giving to others. Saying no is always a challenge and finding balance in life is never one thing that I was good at. I am a do or do not kind of person. Black and white but nothing in between. Yes I'm good with being disciplined and I am good at structure but I am NOT ok with going with the flow or not having a PLAN!

I am finding out that I am never going to blend in with everyone else partially because I just don't want to. I enjoy finding things to challenge myself with and I enjoy things that most people would never dare of doing. My lifestyle is ODD and STRANGE. Sometimes people even tell me that I am crazy and they could NEVER do it. For me this is how I enjoy living. I like to have a plan, I like feeling disciplined and most of all I enjoy being the oddball!

I am embracing this character trait and just rolling with it. So what if I am not what YOU want, I am what I want and opinions come and go. Like my hubby told me today, treat opinions like a screen door, allow people to talk through the door without really getting in my head !

So for today, I kept repeating this to myself




Period .. no questions asked !!!

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