Saturday, December 5, 2015

Nobody said it would be Easy!

Hey guys !!! This is the second month of my "pre" season prep for the stage and I couldn't be happier with what my body is doing. I have come to realize how much I have learned about myself and my body from training in many aspects and domains of fitness. For what I do in training has a direct correlation to my body and how it responds. Everyone has different goals to accomplish just like every person is different. It's not an easy road at all and I will be the first to tell you there are days that I would rather just throw in the towel and give up. On the flip side, in those moments are when you did deeper than you could ever imagine and find the real root of your passion and your WHY.

As a trainer the 1st question I always ask is WHY ? Why are you wanting to start to lead a healthier life? Why are you wanting to learn how to train? Why do you want to do this for you ? Most of the time on the surface it's a vain answer of: I want to look good. But then the truth starts to trickle out as they start to realize the truth behind the WHY and then the emotions follow. If you can learn to figure out what is the real reason you want to do this for you, then you already discovered something amazing about yourself. Training always will test your mind, willpower, and determination of how much you want it, Many times the real reason is a deep rooted issue that happened from years ago that wake your soul up at night. For me, it's the "dark" place in my thoughts that only training can channel it to come out and discover the root behind many former issues I once had.

My WHY comes from a wanting to be accepted due to fear of others opinions. I will be the first to admit that if you tell me that you do not agree with something I am doing, I will have immediate second thoughts about it. Funny thing is that when it comes to training, I am confident and certain it is the path for me. IT IS MY ADDICTION, and I am ok with saying that. Yes it makes me feel good. Yes it makes me challenge myself. Yes it's my one place to just unwind. For others that addiction is something else, might be bad or good but we all have one. Each day I make the decision to wake up and face my inner thoughts (aka demons) and power through my day. Lifting and training makes all that chatter, doubt and fear go away and I am invincible in the moment.

It's an amazing feeling when you figure out your WHY? What is it that makes you feel passion? What makes you feel invincible? Whatever your WHY go find it and do that because that is where your heart leads you to figure out the things that make you motivated and give you a willingness to push the limits to become more than you know you are capable of !!!

It's not easy but it's totally worth it ! 

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