Monday, December 21, 2015

Lifting will make me HUGE.. HAHA no it wont !

"Lifting will make me HUGE !" Have you heard this before? I have heard this so many times that I wish people would understand the how the body works. Part of the issues is a lack of knowledge in the gym. This is normal for many who are not literally "living" with a dumbbell in their hand. Knowledge is power and once you understand that concept you will learn what you can do to make your lifting more enjoyable and fun !
So now I want to dig into what many women are guilty of, lack of upper body strength. It's funny how I can see mom's dragging their kids and then have one on their back while carrying groceries, but you ask them to lift more than a 15# dumbbell in training and they can't do it. But WHY ? many magazines and fitness articles will highlight the abs, core, and legs but negleget the arms. Can this be because society see that as being "manly"? You already know that you need to carry, hold and hoist things up and that requires muscles. Women listen up.. Start training your upper body !
First,you will NOT get huge and you will not look like the hulk. I will be the first to tell you that lifting makes lean muscles and the only way to pack on a lot of size is by taking something that enhances your physique. In terms of absolute strength, women generally have about two-thirds the strength of men. If I break it down and factor in body weight, the lower-body strength of women is comparable to men, but we still find ourselves lacking in the upper-body department.
Don't be scared of lifting a lot, it's impressive and if anyone has an issue with it they might think twice about speaking their mind at least. Having muscle is a beautiful thing. With shapely shoulders, sculpted arms and a small core, your body is now a masterpiece that YOU created ! You work hard for that body so show some of it off in a nice strapless dress !
Age is upon ALL of us. As we age we get weaker! Researchers found that 40% of women between 55-64 years old, 45% of women between 65-74, and 65% of women between 75-84 were unable to lift ten pounds. I repeat - ten pounds! After the age of thirty, sarcopenia rears its ugly head and we begin to lose that hard-earned muscle mass. As the size of our muscles decrease, so do our strength capabilities. It is never to late to start lifting now. Do you want to be the old person l who doesn’t have enough strength to pick up her cat or the bad-ass grandma who routinely kicks her grand-kids’ butts at flag football?
Alright, this might be a fluke but what if, just what if you are in a dangerous situation and you NEED to get out or save your life? You need to be able to do things that make you stronger so that if you are ever put into an uncompromising circumstance that you have the ability to get out of it. Don't allow yourself to become a damsel in distress. If you have to move something heavy don't you just want to go do it yourself? I know that I would rather struggle through my strength then have someone help me because I physically was not capable.
Another perk of adding mass to your upper body is that all-important increase in metabolism. You all know that the more muscle you have, the higher your resting metabolic rate. If that doesn't spark an interest in you I don't know what will ? !

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