Saturday, December 19, 2015

It's You vs You.. the good, bad, and ugly!

Everyday waking up it is important to realize that it's YOU vs YOU but sometimes that is very hard to do. It's important to have some competitive nature inside your soul but when that competitiveness comes out in an ugly way against yourself, you need to have some self respect.  I believe that having a competitive nature is one of the most important qualities necessary to reach your goals, BUT it is SO easy to get caught up in the competition. It can become your worst enemy and prevent you from even reaching them. In fact, sometimes it can even stop you in your tracks and freeze you from moving forward.

One of my biggest struggles and insecurities is comparison. Anything and everything I do I have some sort of insecurity about. I tend to way over analyze things and events and place unrealistic expectations on my life. I tend to think in only BLACK or WHITE.There are no in between places. I am all in or nothing at all. In some cases it's great, like discipline in the gym and with diet. However, it's also my worst enemy because I am always so critical of myself that I get lost in my mind and I can't escape it. Don't get me wrong there are some days I feel confident and beautiful but there are other days that I am a complete mess of emotions that just feel like waves of hopelessness that I just hope to pass. 

One thing I have been working on is really learning to see beauty in all I do.No matter if it's big or small when the negative thoughts start to flood my mind I am replacing them with something positive. I am also trying to have more confidence in me. If I wouldn't tell my best friend what I am saying to myself then I shouldn't be saying it. Not every day will be perfect, there will be better days and those are the ones to always keep close.

Do nice things for others. Be kind, Be humble and most of all be selfless in loving yourself !

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