Thursday, December 10, 2015

Goal setting and new Fitness Adventures

Nothing is better than having a goal!! No matter what you love doing, whether its painting, cooking, or training having a goal with an end line in sight is easier to keep you working towards something. I know that when I have a goal to do a show or a competition, I set a date, sign up and never look back ! Then I create a plan to attack that goal in training and all other aspects of my life !
So for 2016 one of the many things that are fitness related that I want to try is an obstacle race. However, that requires a little bit of training and that means I need to learn how to practice that! one of the best things about obstacle course racing is training. It offers me a chance to get out of the traditional gym environment, off the paved roads and onto the trails. Often, I learn more about myself by forcing challenges.
The biggest thing in a race is the actual run. If you aren’t a strong runner, then walking or hiking might be a better place to begin. Since almost every mud run and obstacle course race involves trails, fields, and in many cases, mountains, the first step is to get comfortable on the trails. Running trails causes a different demand on the body and mind.
If your up for it, try out this fun little trail run !
beginner trail workout is perfect for you to start to engage your muscles in a new way on the trail and begin to build the upper body strength needed for many of the obstacles in a mud run or obstacle course race. If you are new to trail running, pick an easy to moderate trail in your area that is flat to moderately hilly. If you are more advanced, pick a trail that suits your ability.
Hill & Trail TrainingWorkout Time: 60 Minutes
Every 15 Minutes STOP DROP
15 – Air Squats
15 – Burpees
60 sec plank hold
It might look easy but it will get harder as you go. Test out your limits and try not to take many breaks !
Once you get good at this you can then add in some FUN training. Find a tree and do some pull ups or even jump from rock to rock if you can. Also if you can find an odd object try walking with it for a little bit and challenge your endurance. You will have so much fun just experiencing nature and the challenges it brings!

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