Sunday, December 27, 2015

Fight Back !!!

One thing that people don't know is that Holiday festivities are HARD for me. It's hard to figure out the route of the problem however I do know that I am a ball of stress that just stays away from everything and everyone. Partly because I know of the internal battle I still struggle with around food and "moderation" and the other part is that desire for being on track, focused and knowing I did everything  that I can do to reach my goals. I know as a competitor things are a little extreme. No they are really extreme but I love this live, this journey and the way I feel doing it.

So over the holiday, I chose to stay on track with food and training like it's any other day. Many people are going to have an opinion about training on a "holiday" but to me it's another day and for me training is my passion so I do what I love. I also have been listening to motivational speeches and there is one in particular that I listened to that really sunk in. I am going to add the link here:

I know this video is LONG but for me it just hit my heart in the right spot. It reminded me that I am the only one to create my journey. There might not be one person who stands behind me that will support what MY goals are and that's ok,. They are MINE ! It reminded me that there is always pain, pain in life, pain in your training, pain with sacrifices but pain is temporary and success is on the other side of pain. 

People live.... but do they truly LIVE ? People die full. Full of ideas, full of hope, full of passion but the fear of "What If" took over and stopped them, The truth is you need to find something within your soul that you are willing to work for, When you find the WHY you find a way to make it happen. You will never move forward if you don't stumble and struggle. People who are successful are those that keep going when the grind gets hard but they don't and won't give up.

The reason for this is for you to start to see the amazing capabilities that you have. People will always try to stop you. People will always put YOUR dreams down. This is YOUR year for you to accomplish your goals! Set your goal. Create a plan. Find your path!!!

This is MY year!  My year to follow my dreams of being a Pro IFBB athlete. My year to make a name for myself in fitness. My year to help a TON of people find their passion. This year no matter what my PASSION comes first. People may not agree with what I do. People may not agree with my life choices but that's OK! This is MY dream. MY passion. MY LIFE !

I hope you can find your WHY ! Find it, hold it, cherish it, and work for it ! You are amazing and life is every evolving and changing. You can't please everyone but you can make for damn sure you can accomplish YOUR DREAMS ! 

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