Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Everyone started somewhere!

As the new year is approaching, many people are starting to think about their goals. The most common one is to get fit and healthy by starting a new gym program and healthy eating plan. However, if you are not new to the gym and the 1st roll's around you will see many new faces there. I have one kind word of advice: BE WELCOMING !

Yes, you will have people who will sit down for a few seconds on a machine and not really know what to do with it. But just take a second and think back to YOUR first time at the gym? I bet that you didn't really know what you were doing either until you learned !

As with any situation, be a friend and offer guidance and support to someone who might need it. Remember they are there to make a difference in their life and you might just be the one person who really impacted theirs by taking a few seconds to help out!. Just remember this quote:

Everyone needs someone to be a leader in their life. That person can be you to just guide them along the way, Yes the beginning of the year can be challenging for some and others might be embarking on a new chapter in their life. So let's be supportive and caring and help each other out !!!

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